Training With Your Bestie…Kirsty Dallachy

Training With Your Bestie…Kirsty Dallachy

Sometimes rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn can be a bit of a drag. You start to miss a few classes and need a push to get back to the studio.

One way to combat the loss of motivation is to train with a friend. Our members Kirsty Dallachy and Jade Barnett have got this pegged! They’ve been hitting LA Fit together for a while now and both the girls have experienced some amazing results! 

We caught up with Kirsty, one of our Megaformer devotees to see how training with Jade has helped her at LA Fit.


You and Jade have been hitting Megaformer regularly. How has training with a buddy helped with getting to the studio more regularly?

Some weeks hitting Mega with Jade is the only time we actually manage to catch up. Other weeks we can grab a coffee after and chat about the torture that is the dreaded but oh-so-good ass bungie!! We can both see and feel the difference Mega has made to our bodies. Having your bestie there keeps you accountable abd Jade's face during class is priceless – no pain, no gain babes!!! 

What other fitness classes have you tried and how is Megaformer different?

I haven’t actually tried many other classes. I go to the gym and do the odd weeks pass at F45 when my hubby is home. Mega appealed to me as it was like nothing else I had seen before. The combination of core, balance, strength, flexibility, cardio and endurance all in one class – I can’t think of a better workout!! Hitting the Megaformer is something I look forward to as it allows me just to focus on me. I’m totally addicted to it now! 

How has Mega improved your fitness?

I’m currently the strongest I have ever been! Before Mega, I had no idea how to activate my core, my balance was terrible and I struggled to touch my toes – now I can do all the above. Wooo!!! I’m still one of the most shakey people in the room but now I just embrace the shake knowing that this is where the change happens! Being able to see and feel the difference the Mega has made to my body is so rewarding.

What benefits does keeping strong have on other areas of your life?

Keeping strong and active is now a huge part of my life. I never see it as a chore. It either sets me up for the day, or allows me some time to myself after work. 

Favourite Mega move?

Oooooh….it does change regularly but probably Mega Catfish! 

Any advice for those of us struggling to keep our fitness consistent? 

Think about how good you will feel after. The power of exercise is amazing!! The mental and emotional effects are what keep me going. It’s an added bonus when you start to see changes. Keep going – the pain is sooooo worth it! And if you're lucky enough to have a pal like Jade, do it together! 

Training With Your Bestie...Kirsty Dallachy
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