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5 Ways To Make Your Workout More Sustainable

You wouldn’t think working out would harm to the environment, would you? But everything from how we get to the studio to what we wear when we work out has an effect.

We like to think of ourselves as being environmentally conscious at LA Fit. We’re not perfect but we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Here are 5 ways you can make your LA Fit experience more sustainable.

1. Pick sustainable activewear
The clothing industry takes a huge toll on the environment. It’s a strain on resources and the second biggest polluter of water. And after all that, the nature of fast fashion means 6 tonnes of clothes go into Australian landfill every year! So you can see why we’re so supportive of Perth labels like Earth + Society and Econiq Activ creating eco-conscious activewear we can wear without guilt.

2. Carry a reusable water bottle
Over 60 million disposable water bottles get thrown out every day. Not only are plastic bottles polluting our ocean but they’re harmful to our health. Plastic bottles contain BPA (Bisphenol A), and along with other toxins in plastic it has been linked to many health issues, including cancer. With so many awesome stainless steel water bottles available and the money you save by having one, you have an excuse anymore!

3. Put your sweaty clothes in a cloth bag
Plastic bags have been on the way out for a while. And thank god! Because they’re seriously bad news. Plastic bags don’t degrade – they live forever! So when you’re done with them, they end up in the ocean killing our marine life. Plastic bags are made out of polypropylene, a material manufactured from petroleum and natural gas. These gases are one of the causes of global warming. So next time you reach for a plastic bag to chuck your sweaty clothes in, grab a cloth one instead. You can always wash it afterwards.

4. Be mindful of what deodorant you use
So we’re not going to tell you to stop using deodorant because, well, that may be going too far for now. But we are going to tell you the aluminium in antiperspirants has been linked to cancer and kidney problems. And the triclosan in deodorant ends up in our water, affecting the ecosystem. What to do? Well, there are eco-friendly brands out there with fewer chemicals. And roll-on and stick deodorants are better because they don’t contain propellants, a chemical in spray cans. You can also try and reduce your usage throughout the day to lessen your impact.

5. Don’t forget your reusable coffee cup
We know many of our members head out for a caffeine fix straight after their workout. But if you’re on the run, you’ll need a reusable coffee cup. The takeaway coffee cups supplied by cafes are often non-recyclable because of their plastic lining. So much like the plastic water bottles, they add to the worrying amount of landfill growing every year. There are so many positives to reusable coffee cups – they’re stylish, they keep your coffee warmer for longer, and most cafes offer discounts for bringing your own cup!

Got any eco-conscious tips? Let us know! We would love to hear from you.

5 Ways To Make Your Workout More Sustainable
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