What can expect after I book my first class?

We’ll call up to 24 hours before your first class to go through your pre-class induction. This call will take less than 10 minutes, ensures we’re a good fit and that your instructor has all the information they need to help you be successful!

If you miss us that’s ok – call back or simply arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts so you have time to complete it and get a rundown on the Megaformer or bike setup.

(Why do we call? It saves you time at the desk! All part of our premium service.)

I have never done Lagree or Rhythm Ride before, do I need to go to a beginner class?

Our Megaformer and Ride classes are for all levels. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class so we can show you around the studio, do a quick health pre-screen and show you how the Megaformer works or how to set up your bike properly. 

Your instructor will guide the class through each movement, offering options to challenge you whether it’s your first or 50th class.

I’ve never tried Megaformer…how does the machine work?

Your instructor will know you’re new, and will give you a rundown on the Megaformer before class so please be early. (Hint: it’s a little different to a Pilates reformer!)
If you like to be prepared, watch this video to show you how the machine works, plus top tips to make your first class successful!

I’ve never done a Ride class before. How do I set up my bike?

Your instructor will know you’re new, and will guide you through your bike setup before class so please be early. (If you’ve done a Spin class before the setup will be the same, but the class is way more fun!)
If you like to be prepared, watch this video to learn how to set up, clip in, plus top tips to make your first class successful!

What should I bring?

Please bring a sweat towel and your water bottle. You can store the rest of your belongings in our secure lockers – please leave your phone on silent!

Where can I park?

At the Subiaco studio: There is free 1 hour street parking on Hay Street and those surrounding (2 hours on Townshend Street!). If the street is busy, there is also paid parking at the corner of Olive & Churchill Streets, corner Townshend & York Streets and at The Colonnade.

At the Highgate studio: There is free 1 hour parking at the Brisbane Hotel, 2 hours free on Baker Ave and other various paid parking on Brisbane St.

How does the waitlist work?

You can put yourself on standby for a sold out class by adding yourself to the wait list. 

If a spot opens up you’ll receive a text message. Reply “Y” to confirm or “N” to decline so we can give the spot to another member. If you reply “Y” please cancel any other waitlists you’re on the same day so you don’t block those waitlists for other members!

If a spot opens up less than 8 hours before the class you will be added directly to the class – this includes overnight. Please be aware you cannot rebook the class if you miss it, so take yourself off the waitlist if you cannot make it.

The wait list is locked 2 hours prior to the scheduled class so if a spot opens up within this time we will call you before adding you to the class. 

What happens if I miss my class?

If you are unable to make a class please log into your account and cancel so we can give your spot to another member.

If you cancel more than 8 hours before the class start time this is called an Early Cancel, and you can rebook the session.

If you cancel less than 8 hours before the class start time this is called a Late Cancel, and cannot be rebooked. However you are welcome to show up as a walk-in for a later class that day and if there is a free spot, it’s yours! *This walk-in policy does not apply to ClassPass.

If you are absent from a booked class this is called a No Show which will attract a $15 No Show Fine.

How do I suspend my membership?

To suspend your membership, please complete the form below at least 2 days before the suspension start date. 

You may suspend your membership for up to eight weeks at a time for a flat $5 admin fee. We recommend suspending in weekly blocks to keep your billing dates aligned. 

 Membership fees will automatically resume following the agreed suspension period if there was a direct debit originally due during that period. If there was not a payment originally due during the suspension period, your direct debit will be pushed out by the amount of time you suspended for.

Can I change my membership? 

To upgrade or downgrade your membership, please complete the form below at least 7 days before your next payment is due. 

What happens if I am late to class?

We get it, life happens, usually at the worst time. Please give yourself enough time to get here and be prepared prior to the start time of the class.

Arriving even one minute late could mean that your spot is given to a member that is waiting or the door may be locked.

If you know you just won’t make it, please cancel yourself out of class so that the instructor is notified.

What happens if my class is cancelled?

Though we’d sell a kidney to get a cover, sometimes we have to cancel a class.

If this happens more than 8 hours from the scheduled start time, we’ll contact you to reschedule the same day. If nothing suits you, we’ll credit your class back to your account.

If we have to cancel within 8 hours we’ll contact you to reschedule, but if nothing suits you we’ll credit your class back AND provide a complimentary class to use anytime.

I’ve just had a baby and want to get back into it! When can I come?

Congratulations! Once you’ve been cleared to return to exercise by your OBGYN at your 6 week appointment you can return to LA Fit. However, if you had a caesarean delivery you’ll need to wait 12 weeks before returning to Megaformer class to give your body the time it needs to recover.

We require a clearance from your OBGYN prior to your first class back, and recommend you also see a women’s health physio too.

Do you have a referral program?

We sure do! Refer a friend to LA Fit and we’ll give you a complimentary class to join them at their first session.

Members who reach milestone attendance with our Century Club also receive Guest Passes to introduce LA Fit to their friends.

You will find all the details on our Refer a Friend program here

I am really unfit and haven’t exercised for ages, will I be able to do a class?

Congratulations on making the decision to get moving! You came to the right place. 

Our classes are for all fitness levels. Our #1 rule is listen to your body. Lagree exercises are slow and controlled so you will always keep up, but if you do find a particular exercise super challenging your instructor can offer plenty of modifications to lower the intensity. 

What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable you can stretch and bend in, like you would wear to pilates or yoga. We wear grip socks on the Megaformer so if you have a pair please bring them, or you can buy a pair at reception. 

How often should I come?

At LA Fit, we value time and quality over quantity. We are vocally anti-overtraining! 

You’ll see the full benefits with just 2 – 3 classes per week! During class, we work at effective intensity so allowing sufficient rest between classes is essential to allow your body to recover and repair (and increase your intensity threshold for the next class.) Training every other day is the maximum we ever recommend. 

Why is Lagree called Pilates on Steroids?

Lagree Fitness is not Pilates, though both are globally recognised as excellent methods of improving flexibility, core strength and balance without impact on the joints, spine and connective tissues.

The Pilates method, also known as “Contrology”, is a corrective system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930’s, when it became popular with dancers as a method of training and rehabilitation.  The Lagree Fitness method was developed by Sebastien Lagree over the past 20 years to simultaneously target body composition and fat loss, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and endurance by reaching effective muscle stimulation. In clinical trials, Lagree Fitness has been proven to achieve 120% greater muscle stimulation – which means faster results in less time.

I’m pregnant. Can I come to Megaformer class?

Unless you have been advised otherwise by your doctor, exercising is an important part of maintaining a healthy pregnancy! If you have been working out with us regularly prior to falling pregnant you can continue classes as long as you feel comfortable.

If Megaformer is new to you, we do not recommend starting during pregnancy due to the intensity of the core exercises. We’d love to help you get back into shape after bub!

Where else can I do Megaformer?

LA Fit is the only fitness studio in Perth (or Western Australia!) with the Lagree Fitness method and Megaformer machines! If you’re interstate or overseas use the Lagree Locator or ask us for a recommendation to find a studio.