Ranger Ride update

So thrilled to share with your help we raised $1,459.95 at Ranger Ride for the Sumatran Ranger Project! Over the…

LA Fit Rooftop Ride

Rooftop Ride at Storehouse, Vibe Hotel Subiaco

It’s the ultimate Sunday session! Subiaco’s boutique fitness studio LA Fit is popping up at Storehouse at Vibe Hotel Subiaco…


Lockdown Challenge

Motivation and connection is what we are all craving right now. Get moving with our Lockdown Challenge.


Wine Machine Ride n Retox

Join Claire on Friday March 6 for a Hot Dub themed Ride & Retox and win tickets to Wine Machine.


Introducing Mega-Meditation

Our Mega-Meditation class will lead you through a yogic inspired sequence of stretching postures and Megaformer moves.


Ride with Emma Masters

Rhythm Ride master-trainer Emma Masters is coming to LA Fit!


R U OK Day

It's R U OK Day this Thursday! We're donating $1 for every class participant on the day. Plus Darielle is holding a FREE Community Wellness session to check in.. are you ok?


Megaformer Challenge winners revealed

Drumroll please… our top 10 are revealed!


Megaformer Challenge Week 4 – You Can’t Ever Go Back

It’s Week 4. You're stronger, more organised (fitting in the classes), eating better (the nutrition plan) so now you're this EXPANDED version of yourself and who you used to be… what’s next?


Megaformer Challenge – Are You Meeting Your Expectations?

We’re now at Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge! This is an opportunity to reflect on your progress, make changes if you’ve gone off track, and celebrate your achievements so far.


Megaformer Challenge Week 3 – I’m Stronger

At Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge your body has adapted to the movement patterns you’ve been learning on the Megaformer. Are you feeling stronger?


Megaformer Challenge Week 2 – Body Awareness

Last week we worked to stay present with each moment as it happened. It's now Week 2. Let’s be more specific – paying particular attention to our bodies.