Megaformer Challenge... let's reflect!

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LA Fit Studio Megaformer Challenge

Our Lagree Fitness trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby shares her Challenge wrap up 

Let's reflect!

We asked you to check in with yourself several times throughout the month of May and we have already heard so many stories of growth, new inspiration, progress and perhaps even the start of a new chapter. 

Ask yourself... did you

  • try new recipes?
  • challenge yourself in moves you had started feeling safe in?
  • recognise any old limiting stories you tell yourself (and justify)?
  • put any of those stories to rest?

Who are you now? 

There is so much to reflect on! Regardless of what your numbers show - be very clear on what you put in, and know that what you did will be reflected in how you FEEL and what you SEE...regardless of the numbers. Curiosity and mental resilience without criticism would have led you to trying to hold moves longer or attempt progressions. Experimenting will have led you to finding your comfort within discomfort. Being present opened up space for conscious choices on and off the machine, and knowing who you are (mentally and physically) in every moment allows you to work with that person, rather than against them. 

This last month carried so much opportunity to turn the pages in the book that is your life, and decide how your story will continue from the 1st of June.

We are so proud of your efforts. The studio has been alive in May, you have accomplished epic things or your version of that. Your mega May looks very different to anyone elses. Your WHY was YOUR why...we encourage you to look back on that now. Give yourself credit, be kind to yourself if 'life' caused any side steps for your month - life will continue to happen - and how we respond to that is a challenge in itself. 

Keep it rolling, share your stories with us, and we look forward to seeing you beyond Mega May. See you for our wrap up party next Wednesday! 

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