Meet our Ambassador Priscilla Le



You may have seen Priscilla Le’s Instagram videos for Perth Now’s ‘Huh?’ (Is there something you heard about) where she covers all things #perth (here's one we prepared earlier). They’re damn funny, and get you excited about getting out and about in Perth.

Priscilla goes from trying vegan sweet treats and Perth’s best brunch spots, to hanging with the boys at the Pinjarra races, and interviewing a priest about which beach out of Scarborough and Cottesloe is more holy.

Priscilla is all about having a laugh and making the most out of our incredible city, including taking part in the Megaformer and Ride classes at LA Fit.

We caught up with Priscilla to chat about her ‘Huh’ escapades, as well as her fitness regime.

We love your ‘Huh’ videos. How did you come to presenting for Perth Now?

The Production Manager for Seven West Media is a good friend. He felt that I would be perfect for the role and encouraged me to audition. At the time, I was on a work trip in Bali but was so keen that I had recorded my audition tape in the hotel room and sent if off that night! 

What has been your favourite video to make?

That would have to be the ‘Best Brunch Places in Perth’ video, only because it was my first time presenting alone and although I was nervous, I had a hunger to be good at my new gig (pun intended!).

You always seem to be wearing crazy outfits. Have you always enjoyed dressing up?

Always! I’m very big on creativity, playing with looks and embodying new characters.

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?

I love that LA Fit is not a regular gym, and you always have someone there to guide you. The team at LA Fit are so helpful and energetic so it makes the struggle whilst working out not so bad. 

You do Megaformer and Ride classes at LA Fit. What do you like about the classes?

You won’t find these types of classes at any other gym! I never get bored of the workouts because they’re always changing. The classes are only 45 minutes which works with my busy schedule. Don’t get me wrong though - they’re still very intense classes and I am definitely sore the next day. 

What’s your favourite and least favourite Megaformer move?

Thanks to Morgan, my least favourite has become my favourite – bungee kicks. It’s still a love hate relationship. I’ll roll my eyes at the start, but I’m grateful afterwards. It just hurts so bad when I’m doing it!

What changes have you noticed since regularly doing Megaformer?

For starters, abs!! I’m definitely a lot more toned overall, and I love the way my legs look from all those lunges. My mood is more bubbly and energetic, and that’s because I look forward to the classes and feeling accomplished after I leave. I'm really excited to be doing Megaformer Challenge this year!

Anything new in Perth we should check out?

I love exploring my city and being a mini-tour guide. At the moment, I Iove kicking back at Hibernian Place, QT rooftop bar for drinks with a view, and Bites by D make some drool-worthy desserts. 


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