Meet LA Fit ambassador Grady Wulff


Meet our LA Fit Ambassador - Model, entrepreneur and TV presenter - Grady Wulff. She’s one of those bubbly and down-to-earth people you just want to invite out for coffee and hear about her life.

Grady takes fitness seriously, not just because it keeps her looking amazing in front of the camera (and she does) but because it gives her the energy to live one crazy, busy, jam-packed schedule. 

Grady is a successful model represented by Chadwick Model Agency. Most recently, she began her career in TV presenting and acting. Grady is also an entrepreneur, co-founding PocketBargains, an app for smartphones showing shoppers where to find local bargains.

Oh, and we almost forgot! She’s also the project assistant at The Neurological Council of Western Australia.

How does she do it all? We caught up with Grady to find out.

It looks like you lead a very busy life! How do you keep up with all your various work commitments?

I’m extremely busy but I love it that way. Being busy is really all I have known for a long time now. I achieve my best results when busy, and it requires me to be very organised and well scheduled. I make sure to take some ‘me’ time when I can, but also prioritise all tasks based on urgency and importance.

You’ve recently started acting. Is this something you’ve wanted to do for a while?

I have! I recently played a small part in an upcoming Australian feature film which I cannot wait to see. I’m doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcasting now so I want to take my career in a sports media direction. I have always loved public speaking and media, so am very excited to see where my future lies.

What are you enjoying most about your work at the moment?

I’m enjoying the personable side to my new career, and learning lots of new technologies and software programs. I’m very mathematical so love learning new processes. I also love that I’m able to share my true personality. 
You do Megaformer at LA Fit. What do you like about the class?

I loveeeeee Megaformer! And given my life is VERY fast paced it may be difficult to understand why I love such a slow, focused muscle burn. But this is exactly why I love it! I love how every move is specific, every move is designed slow, and every move has a purpose! It’s the best way to start my day and set my mind to be focused on achieving what I set out to do.

You prefer morning classes. Are you naturally a morning person?

I’m very much a morning person. I wake up at 5am everyday, and find I get a lot more done in the morning than I do at night. 

What changes have you noticed since regularly doing Megaformer?

I have abs! I find my abs burn most in classes and my legs tone very well. I find all-round muscle definition is much greater, and I see noticeable results after every session.

You’re a runner. How has LA Fit’s classes helped with your running?

I’m a runner and loveeeee running, but my knees are terrible after years of netball. I needed to find something that eased the pressure on my knees, whilst keeping the fitness side of running up. That’s how I discovered LA FIt. Megaformer builds muscles around my knees, and eases the strain so I can run.

Have you got any tips on how to keep motivated to exercise?

Heading into winter, it becomes darker and colder so even I find it hard to keep motivated. I like to have a goal in mind of where I want to be body-wise each week, and remind myself of how good it feels to finish a workout and start my day right. I feel sluggish if I don’t workout in the mornings so I try to remind myself how bad I will feel if I don’t just get up and do something.

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