The ultimate strength workout

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The utlimate strength workout

Mark Greenberg, MD, is an ultrarunner and Professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology at the University of California, San Diego. He recently published an article declaring Lagree Fitness to be the ultimate strength workout for the ultrarunner.
In the article, Dr Greenberg credits the method with lowering his times in all distances from 400m to 50km. He then identifies typical injury-causing imbalances long distance running creates in the body: 
  • constant impact on lower back and thorax
  • overdevelopment of certain muscle groups
    • quadriceps become more developed than the hamstrings 
    • lower back becomes stronger than the core
  • unilateral weaknesses in the abdominal and gluteus muscles 
Greenberg goes on to explain why Lagree Fitness is the runner’s ideal cross-training method:
  • builds strength without creating excess bulk 
  • improves body alignment and balance, distributing the force of running throughout the body more efficiently
  • improves running posture, facilitating easier breathing through increased thoracic expansion
  • improves running form by developing strength in the smaller supporting muscles in all planes 
  • builds a stronger running support system throughout the body, protecting the knees, hips, and low back and reducing chance of injury and improving power during intense running effort
  • retrains and strengthens the core to work synergistically, improving running efficiency and speeding recovery
Download the article in full here.
If you are a runner, Lagree Fitness offers a low-impact cross training approach that will add strength to your routine.

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