Meet our newest Ride recruit... Mia

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Meet Mia Brankov, our newest Ride instructor to join the team! 

Tell us a bit about your fitness background?
I have always loved being active, playing sport and trying out every single gym class there is. In 2015, I decided to get qualified as a PT - not so that I could work in the industry - but more so I could learn more about it and add to my fitness skill set. Nonetheless, it opened a few doors and I ended up running an adventure fitness retreat in Margaret River, and some group fitness classes. My sport of choice is triathlon - I love everything about it. When I'm training for a big race, I'll spend a few hours a day, every day, preparing for it - so if I didn't love it, I'd lose my marbles. 

Tell us a bit about you…
I run my family business, Bramis, full time - which means managing two locations and 15 amazing staff. 

When I'm not there, I'm teaching Journalism at Murdoch Uni (I was a journalist for the most part of my adult working life). You'll also catch me doing some live reporting for channel 7 Sunrise Perth every now and then.

If I'm not at work - I'm at the beach, either training or chilling out. I love everything about being near or in the ocean.   

What do you love about Ride?
It's just as fun as it is intense. Until I started doing it, I didn't think a class could be so much fun. Every single time I do a class, it's different - from the tracks to the choreography and intensity. You can never be bored or drift away with your thoughts. 

What killer tracks will you be taking Riders through?
You can always guarantee some old school RnB, and at least one rock track from my favourite bands. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and can't help but sprinkle in some Nirvana, Metallica and even Tool. Also - almost every single one of my tracks will require a language warning. Sorry mum. 

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?
Ever since I first stepped foot into the studio as a new client in its early stages, I never once felt uncomfortable. Everyone who works for LA Fit is welcoming, friendly and passionate about the brand. It's what made me stay and train there for a few years, no matter how much time I need to dedicate to triathlon. I also truly believe that the Lagree method is incredibly well formulated and gets results. Coupled with Ride - there's no need to train anywhere else. 

Have you done rhythm ride anywhere else in the world?
My love affair with rhythm ride actually started when I was visiting a friend in New York. She took me to a Soul Cycle class in Brooklyn, and I remember being ridiculously sad when it ended! It was the most high energy, intense and fun workout I'd ever done. When I found out LA Fit were opening Perth's first rhythm ride - it was like Christmas. 

How does Ride differ from Spin or RPM?
It's not even like comparing apples and oranges - it's more like comparing a chair and a pineapple. They are SO different! Over the years I've done many spin and RPM classes - and they do serve a certain purpose (namely being able to ride inside when it's too wet to ride along the coast). Those classes are very formulaic, similar and repetitive. There are also few moves that involve the upper body, and literally none that get the booty shaking.

Ride is about feeling the beat - listening for a rhythm and using your whole body to experience it. You'll never do the same class twice, and you won't be able to guess or calculate what's coming next. With that in mind, Ride also allows instructors to get creative and use different muscle groups and combinations to work on the whole body. That also allows us to build fitness in different ways, and get some really good high intensity interval training done. 

What are you looking to bring to LA Fit? 
A kick-ass Ride class that everyone will look forward to clipping/caging into - knowing it's a guaranteed 45 minutes of good (dirty) fun. 

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