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Muscles feeling sore after a workout at LaFit? Congratulations – that’s your body changing! Stretching after class can help you feel ready to jump back onto the Megaformer

Gluteal Stretch: Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose

If you practice yoga, you’ll be familiar with the Pigeon Stretch. It is a challenging stretch for the glutes and hips on the mat, but even more so on the Megaformer.

Spring Load: At least 1 Yellow spring

A. Kneel on the front of the carriage facing the front. Place the knee to ankle of the primary leg on platform.
B. Inhale, open the carriage and your lower body into Pigeon Stretch.
C. Exhale deeper into the stretch. Stay here for at least 20 seconds with your hands resting on the sides of the platform or walk your hands out in front of you, allowing the torso to rest over your front knee.
D. Change legs and repeat.

Hip Flexor Stretch: Psoas Stretch

Psoa Stretch

Ever felt tight or sore at the top of your back leg (near the groin) during Lunges? During the exercise, tuck your bottom under and concentrate on pushing up through your front heel, and be sure to stretch your Hip Flexors afterward. The Psoas Stretch on the Megaformer is a deep stretch for the hip flexors, psoas and abdominals.

Spring Load: At least 1 Yellow Spring

A. Stand on the side of the machine facing the front. Kneel on the carriage with the knee closest to the carriage. Keep the other foot on the floor, bending the leg with the knee directly over the ankle.
B. Press away from the handlebar with the hands and open the carriage to create space in the upper body from the lower body. As you open the space between the ribs and the hips, do not compress the spine.
C. Hold for at least 20 seconds then repeat on the other side.

Another great Megaformer hip stretch is Pigeon Stretch (above).

Groin Stretch: Side Lunge


Standing Inner Thighs on the Megaformer almost guarantees a morning-after burn! A minute spent in Side Lunge before you leave the studio will help the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Spring load: At least 3 Red springs

A: Stand with one foot on the front platform and one on the carriage
B: Bend the knee of the leg on the platform (or kneel) and stretch the leg on the carriage out straight (like in skater)
C: Lean the body forward and towards the bent knee, keeping your back straight.
D: Exhale deep into the stretch and hold for at least 10-20 seconds.
E: Face the other way and repeat on the other leg

Lower and Middle Back Stretch: Child's Pose

Child's Pose

Tightness in the lower and middle back after a tough ab workout is common. Child's Pose is an awesome, and relaxing (!) back stretch on the Megaformer.

Spring load: At least 2 Yellow springs

A: Kneel on the carriage facing the mirror with your knees wide and your heels touching behind you.
B: Place your palms flat on the front platform and sit back on your heels
C: Bring your chest and shoulders as close to the carriage as possible, keeping your butt to your heels
D: Exhale deep into the stretch and hold for at least 10-20 seconds.

Chest Stretch: Mega Chest Opener

Mega Chest Opener

Tightness and shortness of the muscles in the chest can lead to weakness in your upper back and shoulders. Try Mega Chest Opener after class to stay balanced and retain good posture.

Spring load: At least 2 Yellow springs

A: Sit at the front the carriage facing the side with your flat feet on the floor.
B: Take the arm that is closest to the handlebars and rest the forearm on the straight handlebar (make sure it’s pointing towards the mirror).
C: Turn the body away from the mirror, twisting through the side of your body and upper back. Push your forearm against the handlebar t get a really deep twist. (Remember, they are quick release so don’t push up!).
D: Exhale deep into the stretch and hold for at least 10-20 seconds
E: Turn around and repeat on the other side.

For more stretches to do when you get home, visit this post.

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