Megaformer Challenge – Find Your Why

Health and Fitness

Lagree Fitness instructor Jacinta Hanrahan loves helping others reach their goals. Seeing our LA Fit members take ownership of their workouts and constantly challenging themselves to make positive changes in their lives is why she does what she does.

With Megaformer Challenge upon us, Jacinta discusses the importance of understanding what the challenge means to you.

Humans need to be challenged – physically, mentally and emotionally. Challenges test your commitment and inspire you to reach outside your comfort zone.

Megaformer Challenge is a chance to set goals, make changes, and develop a connection with yourself and others. But it’s important you understand why you’re signing up. 

Here are some common reasons why people sign up to fitness challenges. Which one sounds like you?

Do you like to be acknowledged for your efforts? Do you get motivated by beating others? Is the end result always front of mind? If this sounds like you, competition might be your biggest motivation. But competition isn't just about doing more classes – it’s only 15 classes in 31 days – it’s about changing how you move, how you fuel your body, and your ongoing commitment to your goals. Instead of focusing entirely on what results you’ll see at the end, think about what you can improve in each class. Can you move more purposely? Can you go deeper? Ask your instructor questions. See what you can do better.

Are you someone who makes excuses? Do you skip class without much convincing? If you answered yes, then accountability might be your challenge reason. Challenges require commitment. Signing up is the first sign you’re committed for the next 31 days. Another act of accountability? Turning up. But turning up isn't enough. You’ve got to be present and focused in class. Be mindful. Don’t worry, when it comes to accountability we’ve got your back! Before the challenge, you’ll complete a questionnaire about your goals, and we’ll contact you throughout the challenge to talk through any road blocks you may be facing. 

Community connection is one of the main reasons people exercise. And we love that our clients think of themselves as belonging to the LA Fit community. If connecting with like-minded people and being part of something bigger than yourself then connection is your motivation. Megaformer Challenge builds upon this need for connection. You’ll receive a limited edition challenge tank, signaling to people both inside and outside of the studio that you’re part of this exclusive club. You’ll also have access to a Megaformer Challenge Facebook group where you’ll connect with your new community. Building connections with other challenge participants and your instructors will help you when things get tough – nothing like comparing a sore core after a killer abs block, after all! 

Now this is the big one. The Megaformer Challenge certainly has the potential to change you physically. We’ve seen participants lose weight and gain muscle, as well as increase strength and endurance. But the biggest changes we’ve noticed is how participants feel post challenge. Participants gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment, along with other mental health benefits like improved mood and better quality sleep. We see the challenge as a kick start to continue these changes into the future, and give you a renewed love for Lagree and all it can give you.

What’s your why?
So have a think about why you’re considering doing Megaformer Challenge. When you understand your why, you’ll know where to focus your efforts and feel motivated to move ahead.

Good luck challengers. We’re with you every step of the way!

Are you ready? Megaformer Challenge starts 1 May and spots are limited.