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Pack your workout gear

We don't know about you, but we're dreaming of a much-needed vacay! If you're lucky enough to have a trip coming up you are probably planning to indulge a little (or a lot!)

So how do you make sure you return feeling fab, not unfit?

1. Pack your workout gear!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't pack your trainers there's zero chance you'll be going for a run!

Pack at least two gym outfits so you can wash and alternate, and put them in last so it's a reminder to get to get your butt moving as soon as you arrive. This leads onto...

2. Work out as soon as you arrive

Whether it's a simple cardio/weights circuit at the hotel gym, a body weight session in your room or a wander around your new neighbourhood, some light exercise should be your first mission when you arrive at your destination.

Not only will your spine and muscles thank you after the flight, a workout will also help cure jet lag and wash away the frustrations of a less-than smooth trip. Even if you're arriving late, a 30 minute workout before bed will have you waking fresh and ready to rock!

3. Walk, walk, walk

Trying to navigate public transport or the taxi service in a foreign city can be a nightmare! Save yourself the hassle and go exploring on foot.

Walking is usually the best way to see a new city and a great way to sneak in some exercise without even realising. Make sure you pack your the end of the day you'll really have clocked up some kilometres! 

4.  Check out your fave group class

Whether you're a Lagree Addict, spin queen or bootcamp Barry, missing your usual group class can make it harder to get back into things when you return home.

Check out the Lagree Licensee Locator, ask your instructor if they can recommend somewhere, or try Googling "cool new workouts [insert city]" (you might find something amazing you had never heard of!) 

Most studios do a great value new client offer so you won't be breaking the bank, either.

5. Go for a run along the beach/river/park

Last, but not least, get out amongst it and go for a run! Apps like Map My Run have awesome run routes you can follow, or ask your concierge or a local for the best spots.

If you're traveling by yourself and don't want to run alone, Meetup is a great way to find running groups you can join.


We hope these tips have you pumped for a fit-cation! In the meantime though, your Megaformer is waiting...


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