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Are you shaping up for a big event and want to re-write your story? LA Fit Studio is dedicated to achieving results.

Our client Zrinka joined us in February and hasn’t looked back. Zrinka’s goal was to get into shape for an upcoming ball. The result… smokin’! Check out her amazing arm definition below.  

With her eyes on the prize, Zrinka completed Megaformer Challenge in May and is still killing it with four Lagree Fitness sessions on the Megaformer each week.  

Full Name:   Zrinka Nightingale
Results:    Lost 2.9% body fat, 6.2kg and 18.5cm across measurements
Age:    39
Membership: 4 classes / week, joined Feb 2017

How did you find out about LA Fit? 

One of the mums at my children's school mentioned LA Fit and that she got great results by attending, so having tried a lot of different places I thought “why not, I’ll give it a try”.

You completed our Megaformer Challenge in May. 15 sessions in a month.. amazing! Did you set out with a goal in mind?

As I turned 40 in August my only goal was to look and feel great on my upcoming celebrations. 

Your photos from the ball are hot hot hot! You mentioned to our Co-Director Jaye after class that ‘you guys did this”... aww shucks! How did LA Fit help with reaching your goal?

Your classes are 45 minutes and for a busy mum of 3, that is achievable for me.  At first I was completing 2 classes weekly and soon I became addicted!  My clothes started fitting better which also gave me more incentive and drive to come to more classes.  The trainers are fabulous, and they encourage you to take ownership of that 45 minutes and put in everything you have. There is definitely no slacking off in class!! 

What did you notice about your body transformation?

My clothes are fitting me better, I feel great and have more energy.  People I know keep commenting on how I have “shrunk” 

What do you love about the working out on the Megaformer and training at LA Fit Studio?

I have had knee surgery in September last year and it's been hard to get into exercise, without hurting myself and having to rest and sit out the next week.  Here I feel like I have strengthened my knee.  I’m getting results and not hurting myself in the process.  

If you could share any tips on staying motivated for a big event, what would they be?

Work with the timeline you have and workout as much as you can.  This will have a positive effect on your body as well as your mind, which will make it easier to attend as many classes as possible.  The trainers are also great in helping your stay on top of your game and focused.


Are you shredding for a wedding or have a big event on the horizon? Commit to yourself (and that dress) with a membership at LA Fit! 

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