Creating CHANGE requires PRACTICE


December is around the corner and we are getting into the prickly end of the year. Take hold of the busy festive season ahead and enjoy the fruits in the new year.

You know what takes great strength?

Doing something DIFFERENTLY to what you normally would do or what you always have done.

Both our body and mind create these habits / regular behaviours / coping strategies to protect us / support us / relieve pain / create happiness. 

Perhaps the trick to being awesome with change is to create a habit of changing?!

So why wait until the new year? Why not use December to practice "practising change" so that come the new are already 4 weeks into your PRACTICE! Let's develop the skill of changing before the big change... hello January!  

Support Yourself Workshop
Wednesday 5 December 
7pm at LA Fit Studio

Kelly Dalby will share simple strategies to implement NOW, yep that's right amongst the craziness of December, which is when you actually need it the most! You will learn to support your social commitments and indulgent environments during a time where you have less time to move and way more to do. Hold up... it's totally possible! Clue -- it's not more time you require. 

Tickets are $35pp and available to purchase here until 30 Nov. Book yourself into a class and stick around for an hour of insight to support yourself during the silly season. 

$10 per ticket goes towards sending a young woman to Mindfulness Classes at ROARAwesome for a term in 2019) so in helping yourself, you are also helping the young women in Perth. Double the love.

Don't wait until January to set yourself goals... get your a$$ to class during December and feel fab for the new year. Bank those credits with BANK IT! Registrations close on 3 December. What are you waiting for? 






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