Megaformer Challenge... why you deserve this!

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LA Fit Studio Megaformer Challenge

Our Lagree Fitness trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby shares why May is all about YOU!


Life is full of commitments, we get it! Here at LA Fit Studio, we prefer to use the term FULL rather than BUSY! Full implies a life of CHOICES over CHORES.

You juggle your work, family, social engagements, training, maybe even study and hopefully, also your down time and self care. You know… those things that you do for just FOR YOU?! And that’s why we can’t wait for Megaformer Challenge in May!

Here's what YOU get:

  • One whole month of intentional movement on the Megaformer
  • Kelley Sloan’s epic meal plan which allows room for life while introducing easy, delicious and nourishing meals to compliment your training
  • Your own mentor to keep you accountable
  • For those motivated by numbers... we give you actual numbers to reflect your body composition at either end of the Challenge!
  • Results that you worked hard for... we're gonna transform your body AND your mind
  • That feeling of accomplishment... BOOM!

The studio is buzzing throughout May! We love the culture and sense of community Challenge cultivates. We hand over all our knowledge via blogs, we bring you weekly themes, we give you the support you need both in and out of the studio. In a life that is full of giving – it’s time to take a little time back for yourself – YOU DESERVE THIS and we’ve got you covered!

Do you lagree?

Kelly Dalby, Picture of Health PT 


Megaformer Challenge starts on 1 May! Get in the shape of your life and win big.


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