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Elaine Cheung is one of our most committed members... smashing 5-6 classes per week! We took a moment to have a quick chat to Elaine about how much she loves LA Fit Studio. 

How did you find out about LA Fit?

I spotted an article in the newspaper and was intrigued. 

You joined us in December and completed the golden trifecta of Megaformer, Ride and MegaRide within your first week! What did love about the classes?

Megaformer: the perfect strength and resistance training, it just never gets easier!
Ride: intense cardio workout and lots of fun
MegaRide: I love that it's a good mix of cardio and strength

I continue to attend a mix of classes each week. I love the variety.  

What makes Ride different to Spin or RPM?

I used belong to a gym where I did yoga and RPM. I find Ride a lot more intense and most importantly fun! Every instructor has their own style and song choice to get you moving.  

What are you looking for in a workout?

I was looking for an amazing work out and an efficient use of time. LA Fit delivers both in 45 min classes.

Are you doing any other forms of exercise? 

I used to run and also do plyometric exercises at home before signing up for a membership. I only need to come to LA Fit now as I aim for 5-6 classes per week. I've finally found the perfect mix of cardio and strength!

Have you noticed a positive change since joining LA Fit?

I've definitely seen improvement in core strength and muscle definition.

What are your fitness goals?

To be fit, healthy and strong.

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If you, like Elaine, are looking for an effective workout to get results then LA Fit Studio is for you. Become a member and design a weekly regime that suits you!

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