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Kelley Sloan

Kelley Sloan is from Perth and has been in the fitness industry for nearly four years. In addition to teaching Lagree Fitness at LaFit Studio, she is a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach.
Kelley Hearts Lagree Fitness
I fell in love with Lagree the first time I tried it! I call it 'Pilates on crack' as it takes it to a whole other level! I love Pilates for its rehab principles but utilise the exercises more for their fitness elements, and the Megaformer delivers that higher intensity workout.  You always feel the benefits when you leave a class. 
Kelley recently started her own side project 'One Wellness' to bring movement and nutrition together. Through One Wellness, Kelley provides information and consultations to people struggling with weight issues, auto immune problems, low energy levels and all over improvement of their health.
Kelley's Tuesday evening classes at LaFit Studio are essential if you want to focus on your form and technique!

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