Megaformer Challenge Final Week - Acknowledgement

Lagree Fitness

Each week during Megaformer Challenge our Mindfulness Coach Kylie Pearsall, better known as KP, will be sharing a juicy blog to keep you on track and motivated. Here's the low down for Week 5 – the final week!


Acknowledgement with loving kindness...
It’s the final week of Megaformer Challenge!
What a rockstar you are for taking this on. Take a moment to acknowledge your efforts throughout the challenge.
You gave yourself the gift of strength and fitness. You put yourself first for the five weeks of the challenge – fitting in extra workouts, following the nutrition plan, and managing your schedule.  
Consider the WHY that you had when you started the challenge – did it change over the five weeks? How does the why feel now that you’re in the final days of the challenge?
Consider how much you have grown in the last five weeks. What the experience was like to challenge your body? What were you capable of? Be grateful for your body and all the things it did over the course of the challenge!
Can you celebrate what you have done? You’ll repeat the measures this week that you took at the beginning. Regardless of the results, take a loving view of what you have achieved. Sometimes completing the challenge is the first step towards a stronger and fitter version of you. The work of living into your new future happens every day.
Remember no small effort in the direction of your goals is ever wasted, so keep showing up and giving your all to each workout, each exercise, each repetition and each moment.

The meditation this week will focus on loving kindness, to help us celebrate ourselves and others every day.