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Janelle Witty on the Megaformer

Jenelle Witty has established herself as a respected Australian style blogger known for her considered take on style, travel and beauty and a touch of wit on her blog, Inspiring Wit.
After finishing a round of pilates classes Janelle assumed the Megaformer was similar only a lot bigger and more scary, We're glad she came down with the rest of the #fitclubperth so she could find out for herself that the workout is tough, fun and not as scary as she'd imagined.
Check out her full blog, including some amazing images, below.
Our favourite quotes include:
I am for some reason really into lunges and planking, so the deep lunges and pike to plank moves were my favourites but there are so many good moves that really allow you to work your muscles and build your core.
Using the megaformer is all about slowly controlling your movements, so there is no damage to your joints and the movements are continuous so you don’t get a rest in-between. 
If you have done pilates before, this is a really great class to step into to try something more intense, you work the whole body and the instructors give you plenty of attention and correct you if you are a little bit off. 
Want to find out for yourself how Lagree is pilates, intensified?
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