Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Rhythm Ride

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we don’t spin, we ride.

Ride is Perth’s first rhythm ride indoor cycling class. More than spinning, it’s a workout for the mind, body and soul.

Rhythm ride at LA Fit is 45 minutes to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with yourself. Show up, leave your s#!t at the door and ride the rhythm toward your best self. Chase that cardio high and leave feeling better than when you arrived. Every time.

the rhythm ride experience

Lights are low, tunes pumping. Immersed, you clip in and move to the beat… think less spin class, more dance party.

Moments of high intensity interval training, moving meditation and light weights to tone the upper body make this a full body cardio workout unlike any other


rockstar cycle instructors

Our instructors are rockstars. Qualified fitness professionals with carefully curated, bangin’ playlists and an X-factor that will inspire and motivate you to push beyond what you thought possible.

join the pack

Everyone is welcome in the Ride room. We move together, we sweat, we “hell yeah”, we find our people. We are more than a community, we’re a pack.

Ride with us. Try our Introductory 3 Classes in 2 Weeks for $50, ride the rhythm and feel the difference today!

Looking for a Ride membership? Our Unlimited Ride Membership is $75 per week.

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Ride is a release and empowerment that no run (or psychologist) could ever give me.
Every class is a sweaty, fun-filled, empowering journey that leaves you ready to take on the world. Makes dragging your a$$ to class an absolute non-issue. #rideordie
Ride class is an experience, part-dance party, part-torture chamber, part-lung explosion, part- 85 shots of coffee to your Saturday morning veins