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A Lagree-inspired work out you can do at home.

Stuck at home? Shane has your back (and your booty) with this at-home slider workout.

If you’re on wooden or tiled floors use slide disks if you have them or towels or socks also work really well. If you only have carpet to work on use a piece of cardboard or baking/grease proof paper.

The Single arm wheelbarrow. (CORE and ARM Strength)

To start find a modified pushup position. Shoulders over wrists, knees on the floor, place your slider or substitute slider under one hand.
Start to slide your palm with the slider out slowly counting for 5 as your opposite arm bends coming to the bottom of a pushup.
Reverse the motion, sliding your palm back in and pressing back up to the top of a pushup maintaining the count of 5 to bring your self back to the starting position.
Repeat action on one side for 1 minute then repeat for 1 minute on the other side.

To Advance this move it can be taken in a full plank position with knees off the ground.

*Be careful not to collapse in your lower back, keep your core engaged and shorten the move if you need more stability of your spine.

The Lunge for one. (GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS and QUADS)

Stand with feet together, shift the weight to one leg and extend the other leg behind you placing your slider under the ball of that foot.
Slowly start to lunge the front leg while sliding the back leg away from you for a count of 5 (you want to come down about 85% of your full range of motion.)
Pressing through your front heel and ball of the front foot, pressing the floor away as you rise and gently slide the back foot in maintaining that count of 5 until you have returned to your starting position.
Repeat action on one side for 1 minute then repeat for 1 minute on the other side.

*To avoid back or hip flexor stress tilt the body forward slightly and try to keep your nose above your big toe on the front leg as you slide up and down.

The deeper you lunge the more challenging it will become. To modify, reduce your range (don’t lunge down as far) making it simpler to return to standing.

This same lunge can be done in a lateral position to target other muscles in the legs.

For an extra challenge try doing these 2 lunge variations back to back.

Shane Collard

LA Fit
LaFit Director