How to Get Started

So, you want to be fitter, stronger, healthier, sexier? Welcome to LA Fit.

What to expect at your first LA Fit class. - This is how we roll…


1. Book your spot

First things first! Class numbers are limited so book your spot in advance to make sure you get in.

Get your first 3 classes for $50 with our new client special.

Check out our FAQs for more booking info.


2. Fuel your workout

You’re about to burn a tonne of calories so make sure your body has the fuel it needs! Eat something light and nutritious about an hour beforehand and remember to drink plenty of water as we will be moving the entire 45 minutes.


3. Wear your #activewear

The flexibility element of the workout means you will be getting bendy, so make sure your outfit is comfortable, stretchy and you feel good in it. 

If you already have a pair of grip socks bring them with you, or buy some from us at reception.


4. Arrive early

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class so you have time to park, do a quick health pre-screen, take a tour of the studio and get a rundown on the Megaformer or the Bike before class starts.  To ensure classes flow smoothly in fairness to other members, if you are late to your first class you may be refused entry by the instructor.


5. Listen to your instructor, and your body

Your instructor will cue each exercise so you can transition smoothly to minimise rests and maximise intensity. During each exercise she/he will provide options for different fitness and experience levels so the entire class is working to their limit. We are here to motivate you through the class, and can provide plenty of lower-intensity options so you can keep moving at your own pace.


6. Let us know how we went!

We love receiving feedback so we can continue to improve the studio and our workouts. Review us on Google, MindBody Connect, Yelp or Green Goodness Co or come chat to us at reception!


7. Come back for more

It can take a few sessions to become familiar with the Megaformer and our exercises. Booking your new client 3 pack within 2 weeks will give you a taste of just how effect Lagree Fitness is. Bring a friend to sweat, shake and burn to your next class and double the fun!  


Get your first 3 classes for $50 with our new client special.

Check out our FAQs for more booking info.