Introducing Mega-Meditation

We are excited to introduce a Mega-Meditation class with our Lagree Fitness, Ride and Yoga instructor, Shane Collard.


An opportunity to nourish body and mind, Mega-Meditation changes up the intention in which we move and improve the body.  Leading you through a yogic inspired sequence of stretching postures and Megaformer moves it allows you to open, lengthen, tone and balance the entire body before completely surrendering into a guided meditation.

Using breath awareness and allowing our attention to go within, giving ourselves a chance to de-stress, re-balance our nervous system and tap into the truest parts of ourselves while giving the body a sense of deep rest and recovery it so desperately needs.


During the class we will develop and grow awareness and skills to help improve the subtle aspects of our body alignment and posture, while releasing built up tension and stress. You will have the opportunity of learning different breathing techniques and go through a series of meditations designed to get to know ourselves better, sparking internal conversation with oneself with the hope to find joy, ease and clarity in life.

Mega-Meditation is held outside our usual schedule every Tuesday at 7pm at Subiaco for 45 minutes.

Book a Mega-Meditation class using your pricing option via MindBody or below.

Introducing Mega-Meditation
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