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It’s clear… our client Nadija is addicted to Ride!

‘Hooray for not splitting my skirt today (this baby hasn’t fit me for over 4 years!) feck yessssss!’

We LOVE seeing posts like this on Instagram! Our client Nadija Begovich took her first Ride class in April this year. 177 Rides later she is springing outta bed at 5am and has undergone an incredible transformation. We took 5 with Nadija to talk about her journey.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a total LA Fit Ride addict, unashamedly so! It fits perfectly with my crazy rollercoaster lifestyle. I’m the licensee of The Perth Property Co, I also run a Finance company, I am married have a threenage-daughter and many moons ago my sister and I performed in a band called Blanche DuBois.

When I’m not styling, staging, selling and financing homes, I’ll be spending time with my hubby and our daughter or I’ll be at a spin class at LA Fit.

How did you find out about Ride at LA Fit?
I would often pass the Highate studio on my weekly runs and after one too many a planta facea injuries I mustered up the courage to come along to a ride class and have been hooked ever since.

What was your fitness routine like before?
Prior to having Tijana (my daughter) I had all the time in the world to manage work and exercise. I was fit (well fit-ish) but my fitness routine and body composition completely fell by the wayside after having a baby. And this is normal, not everyone bounces back after a baby because life just gets in the way sometimes.

When you joined LA Fit… what did you set out to achieve?
Long story short: my business grew and so did my body! I got busy on the work front and I lost myself. I stopped being creative; the idea of performing or writing music gave me such anxiety. I pretty much gave up on the things that I really loved and became a bit of a work aholic. I had worked so hard to trim down after having a baby, only to find I had to do it all over again when we started working on a new baby (our businesses).

What were you searching for when you started Ride?
I have quite severe scoliosis so I was needing to find a regular fitness regime that helps manage any pain associated with this. I thought I was looking for something that gave me the same rush and positivity that running did, but in a shorter timeframe and without the injuries. But what I actually found was a release and empowerment that no run (or psychologist) could ever give me.

You stepped up your membership to 6 per week and have already hit 100 Ride classes! What made you keep coming back again and again? 
My Ride classes are 45 Mins of “me” time where I have no client demands and no distractions. It’s just me and my LA Fit crew sweating it out in style on static bikes, riding in the dark to killer tunes and in great company.

I love the instructors (I’m probably bordering on being a ride stalker with a few ☺) they’re just the best bunch of insanely fit and beautiful people. Jac’s famous motivation line of “How MUCH DO YOU WANT IT NADIJA” will stay with me forever!

Without a doubt it’s the results that keep me coming back; my body has changed so much in such a short time! Coupled with the PT sessions that I’m doing, the ride classes are really trimming me down and getting me fitter…. It’s not been easy but darn its been fun!

You’ve seen an amazing transformation! What are the mind and body changes you’ve experienced?
I bounce out of bed at 5am! I love the cardio high’s that I get from my ride class. I definitely didn’t run as hard as I ride. And my body has really responded well to Ride.
I’ve also started writing music again, I’ve missed it so much but haven’t had the confidence to get creative, I’ve been stalling for ages – but I can see it happening and I have no doubt that it will happen. I’ve also met some amazing people through LA Fit and a real positive has been that my Christmas card list and circle of friends has expanded ☺

How are you feeling now compared to life before Ride?
I’m injury free, I’m fitter than I have ever been and I feel pretty bloody amazing!

What do you love about LA Fit Studio?
Without a doubt it’s the people, I love the instructors and my ride crew, they’re all just so darn nice and such beautiful people!

You absolutely nailed Ride Challenge! How was it?
I absolutely loved the ride challenge, the classes were amazing, I loved riding with my team.

The instructors we’re so motivating and I just loved that we were all working together, inspiring each other along the way towards that end goal of completing as many rides as we could in that short time frame.

When the Ride Challenge comes up again, do yourself a favour – take the plunge, make the time and do it for you. Get over that fear of doing something on your own, be brave, you’ll gain so much out of it.



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It’s clear… our client Nadija is addicted to Ride!
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