What is Lagree Fitness?

As the exclusive licensee for Lagree Fitness, LA Fit is the only studio with Megaformer classes in Perth, Western Australia.

The Method

Lagree Fitness is a patented total-body conditioning method that burns up to 800 calories in 45 minutes. 

The method integrates resistance and counter-resistance training on the patented Megaformer machine for a high intensity workout that is safe on the spine, joints and connective tissue. 

The workout and Megaformer machine have been developed over 15 years by creator, celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree, a former body builder with advanced certifications in weights training and Pilates. Striving to deliver the ultimate workout for his Hollywood clientele, Sebastien drew on the best of both disciplines. The rest is history.

The Class

  • The Megaformer (AKA the Pilates reformer on steroids): At three metres long and over 100 kilograms, the Megaformer uses a system of springs and pulleys to work your entire body.    
  • The challenge: Your trainer will offer variable spring resistance to challenge you, whether you are a beginner or elite athlete.    
  • The pace: Exercises are performed slowly and with control to eliminate momentum, recruit more muscles and target the slow twitch, fat-burning muscle fibres.    
  • The flow: Transitions are kept to a minimum to increase the intensity and keep your heart rate up.
  • The goal: to reach "effective muscle stimulation" (you will be sweating, shaking and burning). It's the fastest way to change your body.    

The Benefits

Do you:

  • want to strengthen and lose fat without bulking up, increase fitness and athletic performance, and restore your body’s natural alignment and balance?
  • want to spend less time in the gym, and more time doing the things you love?
  • have 800 calories and 45 minutes to burn?

Lagree Fitness offers all the benefits of Pilates, strength and cardio training in a single workout.

Lagree Fitness uses the patented Megaformer machine (AKA the “Pilates Reformer on steroids”) to deliver a unique, sweat inducing, muscle sculpting, high intensity, yet low impact workout.

How? The Megaformer is the first machine to effectively combine the five foundations of fitness, not only in one workout but in each and every move.



    Increases muscular power


    Body Composition

    Promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth



    Keeps your heart rate up, improving circulation and respiration



    Lengthens muscles and improves range of motion in the joints



    Pushes you to your limit to improve performance

With a timetable to suit everyone, even those with the busiest lifestyle, you’ll always be able to fit Lagree into your day. Forget Pilates, try one of our Lagree classes at LA Fit in Perth today. 

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