LA Fit is the exclusive licensee for Lagree Fitness in Perth. AKA Pilates on Steroids.

The Lagree Method

There’s a reason Lagree Fitness is the fastest growing workout in America. This 45 minute fitness class will replace your all personal training, Pilates classes, weights and cardio workouts in just 2-3 sessions a week.

Lagree targets the five key elements of fitness – strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility and body composition – in each and every move. Taking reformer Pilates to the next level, Lagree uses variable resistance on the patented Megaformer machine to provide a high intensity, low impact full body workout that is safe and effective for all body shapes and fitness levels.

The Science – It’s Pilates , Next Level

Lagree uses slow, controlled, continuous tension to target slow twitch muscle fibres – the long, lean fat-burning fibres – and minimal rest between exercises to reach Effective Muscle Stimulation. You’ll sweat, shake and burn your way through knowing it’s the fastest way to change your body.

The Results

For best results, choose the heaviest resistance to maintain good form and allow at least one day recovery between sessions. You’ll be stronger, leaner and more toned in just a few classes a week!

With a timetable to suit everyone, even those with the busiest lifestyle, you’ll always be able to fit Lagree into your day. Ready for it? Then try our New Client Special at one of our Perth studios in Highgate or Subiaco today. Smash 3 classes in 2 weeks for $50, and see for yourself why Lagree is next level Pilates.

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    Increases muscular power


    Body Composition

    Promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth



    Keeps your heart rate up, improving circulation and respiration



    Lengthens muscles and improves range of motion in the joints



    Pushes you to your limit to improve performance