Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

Senior Master Lagree Trainer Sharnee Lee Scott on LA Fit’s Team

Lagree Fitness Senior Master Trainer Sharnee Lee Scott spent the weekend with our instructors, sharing developments in the Lagree method and certifying some new crew! We are SO proud to share her incredible testimonial – she knows a bunch of rockstars when she sees them!

“Effective Lagree classes rely on the quality of trainers delivering the Lagree method. I was so highly impressed by the team at LA Fit Perth (having certified more than 200 teams worldwide) this crew were truly outstanding! Their collective experience matched with their attitude was pure excellence. You are in extremely trustworthy hands with this team of legends! They will professionally assist you with understanding form and alignment/ exercise focus plus how to modify the intensity of the Lagree exercises allowing you to safely and progress within your Lagree journey.”

– Senior Lagree Fitness Master TrainerSharnee Lee Scott

Team LA Fit