Meet Earth + Society’s designer

Meet Earth + Society’s designer

Have you seen the gorgeous new activewear that's hit the studio? We are loving Earth + Society and had a chat with designer Vanessa Eramanis.

Vanessa from Perth eco-luxe brand Earth + Society wanted to create a line of activewear for women with the same ethos – those who believe in sustainable fashion, living a healthy life and caring for the environment. 

We spoke to Vanessa about Earth + Society, and who/what inspires her healthy life. 

Why did you start Earth + Society?

My mission behind starting Earth + Society was simple – to create a brand for everyday women just like me. Women who love good fashion, good health and good quality garments, but who also who really care about the environment.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your clothes?

I want them to feel fashionable but still comfortable. The older I get, the more picky I am with fabrics and how they feel on my skin. That’s why bamboo is great –  it feels amazing! I also want them to feel like every little change they make is making a difference. It sets a standard for their shopping behaviour and other life decisions.

Which females in your industry inspire you?

I love supporting local businesses. 

  • Sam and Rihanna from Yab Yum Yoga – they’re always so friendly and proud of their business. 
  • Rhyanna from Pure and Nood  – She's someone I aspire to become. She has two amazing businesses, and is such a friendly and welcoming human.
  • Amy from Bare and Wilde – Amy has a light about her. Her company is wonderful, and I love being aligned with it.

What are your tips for busy women? 

  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Great tools like Asana, project management software to help keep your task and to-do list in one place.
  • Preparation is key. I like to prep healthy snacks for the day to keep me going and make sure I don't go astray. When there's healthy food in my fridge I'm less likely to get something naughty and quick.
  • Delegate. There’s always someone around willing to help. Just ask. 
  • Slow down otherwise you won't enjoy the ride.
  • Appreciate the people who have inspired you.

What do you do for self-care? 

  • I meditate every day, and make an effort to go to yoga. I use the app Calm. I have IBS and am lactose intolerant so stress really affects my digestion. 
  • Sleep. I always get 8 hours otherwise I can't work 100%.
  • Gardening is my down time. There’s nothing more satisfying than eating from your own garden. 


Check out Earth + Society before your next burn session.

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Meet Earth + Society's designer
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