Meet Hannah… our new Ride instructor!

Meet Hannah… our new Ride instructor!

Meet Hannah Murphy… our brand spanking new Ride recruit!  

Tell us a little about yourself…
Well as a chef by trade I LOVE to cook! Food is a huge part of my life – ask anyone! I think I have two stomachs! I Love the beach as well as hiking and outdoor activities. I also have a huge travel bug and hope to visit as many countries as I can throughout my life! 

My fitness background…
In my first year of university in 2015 I started getting into fitness and attending Les Mills Body Attack and immediately fell in love with it! So I decided to become an instructor! While doing that, F45 emerged and I really enjoyed it so I completed my Cert III In Fitness before working a local F45. In mid 2018, I wanted more! I always want to challenge myself and keep my body guessing! So bought the New Client Special at LA Fit and immediately was like, “I need to do this! It’s bloody incredible”! 

What do you love about Ride?
I love that as soon as I enter the Ride room, I feel a huge sense of excitement! The atmosphere and the journey that you go on both emotionally and physically is very special! Exercising is not just about smashing yourself and ‘burning calories’, it’s about listening to your body and channeling your thoughts and emotions onto the bike! It’s amazing.

Why is rhythm Ride NOT spin?!
I feel spin is just a workout and I always I felt like I was just going though the motions of moving my legs and felt no connection to what I was exercising for. Ride is more about the whole experience! Sometimes your laugh, sometimes you cry and that’s okay, because ride is YOUR journey on YOUR bike! Plus, who doesn’t love a good LA slide and tap back right?! 

Why LA Fit Studio?
Honestly, for the first time in my working life, I have never felt such a sense of love and friendship within a studio! I love the beautiful friendships I have made, and the amazing clients I get to coach. Jaye and Claire are the best bosses. They really care for each and every one us. We’re not just employees, we are one big family – clients included! 

What’s your favourite tune right now for class? 
Lady Gaga ‘Anything you Want’ remix on Soundcloud. 

Use three words to describe your class…
Empowering. Exhilarating. Loud. 

What are you looking to bring to LA Fit? 
Energy and unique flair! I’m a little crazy and pretty loud in the Ride room! I really want the best for each and every client that walks in that door! I will always be here to chat and provide advice as you're on your journey. Body confidence and being a strong female in today’s society is so important! Let’s smash this.

Ride with Hannah
Every Monday at 5.30pm in Subiaco

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Meet Hannah... our new Ride instructor!
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