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Meet LA Fit Ambassador Tiffany Scanlon


Tiffany Scanlon is an influencer, blogger and inspirational speaker. She appeared on the fourth season of The Bachelor Australia in 2016, and was the only Australian female to participate in the American Bachelor Franchise The Bachelor Winter Games last year.

Since then, Tiffany has developed her own brand TheTiffanyTimes where she writes an honest and humble blog, covering subjects from depression to getting her first cosmetic filler. She’s also a guest speaker for events where she talks about her life and experiences with mental health.

We’re lucky to have this ambitious gal with us at Ride and Megaformer classes, inspiring others to get in step with her philosophy of life.

We had a chat with Tiffany about her new brand and her amazing butt!

Tiff is wearing Earth + Society’s Goddess Collection activewear, available at LA Fit. 

We’re loving your blogs on The Tiffany Times! Why do you think it’s so important to be honest?

We live in a world that is digitally manipulated, where it’s hard to distinguish what is real and what is fake, where social comparison is rampant and we are encouraged to be ‘perfect’ people living ‘perfect’ lives. I don’t want anyone to look to me and feel threatened or feel I am better than them. I don’t want to be the cause of envy. I want them to see a beautifully flawed human just as we all are, to see someone who is just like them, doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

It’s now 3 years after your experience on The Bachelor. How do you look back on your time on TV?

I think what I had envisioned the experience to be like and what it actually was were worlds apart. If I’d known what would follow, I can’t say I’d have done it. It took me a long time to find my feet and move on from the experience. It’s not just the time on the show but the publicity that followed; being thrown into the spotlight, and your life open to speculation and criticism. Nothing can prepare you for that, it takes its toll. I’ve grown a thicker skin and I’ve dug deep to figure out who I am and what truly matters to me.

You’ve been really candid about your struggles with depression. How has exercise improved your mental health?

I’ve been dealing with depression for most of my life and have found that one of the most important things for managing it is staying as healthy as possible. That means eating right and exercising often. Exercise makes me feel strong externally even when I feel weak inside. I always feel better after a workout, even on days that I struggle to get out of bed, just a walk can significantly brighten my mood.

We have to be honest, we’ve been stalking your bikini photos on Instagram – you’ve got a perky butt! Are Megaformer and Ride responsible for this? (We hope so!)

Hahaha, well thank you! I’d definitely say the Megaformer has helped keep my 32-year-old bottom perky! Nothing gets into all angles of the bum and thighs quite like the Megaformer! I especially love the laying down leg press (otherwise known as the supermodel). and I have a love/hate relationship with the bungee cord!

How do you feel after you’ve finished Megaformer and Ride?

Possibly my favourite class is the combo of RideMega! Getting super sweaty on the bike followed by strength and toning on the Megaformer! Getting all the muscles to the point of fatigue where they are shaking and you can’t go any further means I know I’ve done a good workout and my body will be rewarded for it. The trainers are also great so no matter what my mood is when I come in, or if I wasn’t really feeling like pushing myself, I always leave with a smile. Working hard is always thanks to their upbeat and supportive attitude.

What keeps you coming back to LA Fit?

There is nothing that will work all your muscles quite like the Megaformer will. I still feel the burn for days afterwards. One class gets my heart rate up, my muscles shaking and my body sweating. It’s the best way of combining strength and conditioning. Megaformer is low impact on my ever-aging body and I always leave satisfied with my workout.

Plus the team are wonderful.


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Meet LA Fit Ambassador Tiffany Scanlon
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