Meet our new Lagree Fitness instructor… Theresia

Meet our new Lagree Fitness instructor… Theresia

Meet Theresia Grapsas, our newest Lagree Fitness instructor to join the team! 

My fitness background… I'm a Les Mills Body Pump AIM1 Group Fitness Instructor, Group Exercise Leader and drumroll please…. a Lagree Fitness Instructor. I guess you can say I'm a jack of all trades! I've moved from banking to a school registrar, project manager and now fitness instructor.

When I’m not at LA Fit, you'll find me outdoors and with my family. As a mother of 4 exercise took a back seat for quite some time. I have always loved exercising in some form or fashion, let it be in a gym doing my own thing, group exercise classes or running up and down Jacob's Ladder – my max amount was 12 times. I enjoy getting my heart rate up so kokoda track at King's Park is also in there.  I have done a few stair climbs up Central Park and the Bankwest Tower, climbed SkyPoint tower in the Gold Coast, swung from the Trapeze, hung in a  hammock at Air yoga and done some chin ups at Air Supremacy and maybe throw in a few (attempted) handstands. 

Lagree Fitness is a super quick awesome workout, done and dusted before you know it. When I first tried a Megaformer class… WOW, I was hooked. You truly do sweat, shake and burn.

My favourite Megaformer move is Icebreaker. It really stretches you out and you work quads, glutes, abs, chest, tricep, shoulders and lats in one… can’t wait to introduce this one into my routine.

My favourite Megaformer move to teach is Giant Lateral Raise. Everyone gets to see themselves sculpting their shoulders and they get a chance to really control their breathing here.

What I love most about LA Fit Studio… the people! Beautiful clients and approachable fun loving staff made me feel so welcome from the moment I stepped into the studio.

I’m looking to bring… my energy! I love being a people person and will try and get to know each client. I'm always happy to chat before or after a class and continue to tell everybody out there to give Megaformer a go!

I find it so rewarding to see people being happy that they have completed the class and feel so good about them selves and leaving on a high… If I can inspire you to try that little bit harder and push you out of your comfort zone in a safe manner so you can see results at the end (physically and mentally) .  My job is done. I personally like to play hard so in order to maintain that I need to train hard.

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Meet our new Lagree Fitness instructor... Theresia
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