Meet our newest Megaformer instructor… Kaity

Meet our newest Megaformer instructor… Kaity

Meet Kaity Burmeister, our newest Lagree Fitness instructor to join the team! 

My fitness background stems from when I was really young – mum was a runner and always kept us really active and after I left school and team sports I just kept up the routine! Since then through injuries I found a love for pilates and rehabilitation and then teaching! Being active is a part of my everyday life because it keeps me happy and energetic… so I’ve turned my passion into my job so that I can share what I love!

When I’m not at LA Fit, in the summer you can bet I’ll be in the water. Whether it’s laps in the pool or hours at the beach I’m there! I love quality time so weekends are filled with my best girlfriends/family and probably wine! 

Lagree Fitness is like nothing else I do. Never have I left a class without my muscles shaking! It’s a mind game to keep yourself going, but always so rewarding and it’s achievable for everyone and it really teaches oh that you don’t have to kill your self for hours at a time for amazing results!

Coming from a pilates background I thought they would be the same. So wrong! The pace of Lagree is so much slower and fires the muscles so much harder and to complete fatigue. The transitions are faster leaving no room for rest and the machine is incredible! No props needed!

I came across LA Fit Studio last year intrigued by the look of the megaformer! But what kept me honestly was when I walked in I felt so welcome! It’s such a warm environment and welcomes & supports anyone no mater what fitness background or capability.

My favourite Megaformer move… definitely Superlunge. Strength throughout the entire body and balance – perfect combo!

My favourite Megaformer move to teach is definitely pike to plank – it comes with a lot of evil side eyes from the clients but secretly everyone Loves it… I love teaching it because people doubt they will ever have the strength to get the full pike – so it’s rewarding to see!

I’m looking to bring my full authentic self – I’m that super energetic 6am’er people love to hate – lots of fun routines w a side of quality bad jokes and lots of Beyoncé on the speakers – but full of support for and a shoulder for anyone.

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Meet our newest Megaformer instructor... Kaity
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