Meet the Designer Behind Perth Eco-luxe Brand ECONIQ ACTIV

Meet the Designer Behind Perth Eco-luxe Brand ECONIQ ACTIV

Meet Bek Antonucci, the woman behind Perth eco-luxe activewear brand ECONIQ ACTIV.

Bek is one impressive person. She designs luxurious and sustainable activewear that inspires others to be more conscious in the way they consume and live their lives.

How did we meet Bek? Well, she is a Megaformer devotee and now a new instructor. But we also stock her incredible activewear at LA Fit.

We sat down with Bek to learn about her journey as a business woman and all round inspiration.

How did the idea for ECONIQ ACTIV first came about?

ECONIQ ACTIV came to me the very first day I walked into the gym. I remember being nineteen years old, walking through the doors of Fitness First Innaloo. I remember saying to myself “I am going to create my own activewear one day.” That was her original inception! From that point, her creation unfolded as my fitness journey unfolded. Eleven years later she came to life!

Many people have ideas but very few actually make them happen. Walk us through how you made your idea become a reality?

Where to start! Honestly, the creation of ECONIQ ACTIV has been many years of trial and error. As well as many failed attempts that never got to see the light of day. This still happens, I don’t think that for any brand/business this doesn’t happen! To bring a brand to life requires inspiration, faith, self awareness, passion and continuous effort. You have to believe in the vision and know with absolute certainty that you have the power within you to bring your ideas to life.

In terms of a timeline from idea to reality, ECONIQ ACTIV started originally as an entirely recycled concept. In 2015, I moved to Indonesia where I was originally manufacturing. Before I even got a chance at getting the brand off the ground, I quickly realised that I didn’t have the financial backing behind me to make this happen. I flew back to Perth and worked in corporate for two years, essentially with the intention to further my life and business skills. I saved knowing the entire time that the end goal was the brand. So that when my time in corporate ended, I could start my business from where I had last left her. While I knew the business was on hold, I always knew is was temporary. I quit corporate on 17 November 2017, flew back to Indonesia that weekend with meetings lined up with my original manufacturers and started the sampling process all over again. In 2018, I shifted direction and went for a more luxurious fabric that was not synthetic – bamboo. I researched and sourced some of the largest bamboo plantations, discovered an eco-conscious manufacturer and pushed on knowing that these decisions felt right for me, for the ECONIQ ACTIV customer, and for the brand. On 17 November 2018 ECONIQ ACTIV came to life!

Have you always been aware of your impact on the environment?

Not to the extent I am now. I have always had a love, care and adoration for nature. The awareness for me arrived three years ago when I started investing in my own personal development. I experienced my own internal shift. This is when I started to reflect on all parts of my life – including my impact on the environment. I started looking at my health as being so much bigger than simply the exercise that I do and the food that I eat. Now it's entirely holistic, from the clothes I wear, to how I live, the brands I purchase, and the products I use. I believe that the consumer holds so much power, it is our actions and our choices today that are creating our world tomorrow. Through conscious consumerism and intentional purchasing we have the power to create positive change.

Does ECONIQ also come out of a love for fitness?

Absolutely. Fitness has played such a pivotal role in my journey, which has been challenging at times, but ultimately truly rewarding. What I love the most is the natural evolution of my fitness journey, which has now transitioned to a respectful and nourishing place. My personal passions involve trying all different styles of fitness. Movement plays such a vital role in my day-to-day life. Every day without fail people will comment to me “i wish I had your energy” and I think. . . You absolutely can! Fitness is such a large part of my self care routine and without it I’m not the me that I am capable of being.

How do you want your customers to feel when wearing your activewear?

Empowered, strong and confident, in both their body and in their mind. I created a “Statement Range” particularly for this reason. A range with powerful “I AM” statements printed on them to remind the woman that it is up to ourselves to self empower through our internal dialogue.The activewear is a product in physicality but ECONIQ ACTIV is so much more than that. She is the representation of a dream, showing all people that their dreams are possible if they have the courage to pursue them. ECONIQ ACTIV is the representation of a better world, if we have the desire to act with respect in our hearts. ECONIQ ACTIV is the representation of true health, if we continue to show up for ourselves from a space of acknowledgment and nourishment.

How does it feel seeing your line hanging at LA Fit? It must be surreal

Deeply and truly grateful. It puts a smile on my face every single day!

Any advice to anyone wanting to start their own business or design a label?

Whatever is in your heart, listen to that call and find a way to make your dreams a reality. You owe it to yourself. Remember that it might not work the first time, and it's definitely not all glitz, glam and instagram, but it is all worth it. Be patient. Write a business plan, get a business coach, save. Believe in yourself and don't give up.

You can buy ECONIQ ACTIV at our boutique activewear spaces in Highgate and Subiaco.

Meet the Designer Behind Perth Eco-luxe Brand ECONIQ ACTIV
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