Meet trainer Jacinta Hanrahan

Meet trainer Jacinta Hanrahan

Jacinta Hanrahan

Jacinta's classes are not for the faint-hearted! A Perth local, Jacinta is a Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer with extensive experience in high impact cardio, HIIT and strength-based training. With qualifications in psychology, business, disability services, health, fitness and massage Jacinta brings a unique perspective to the classes she teaches at LaFit Studio.

Jacinta hearts Lagree Fitness

“There’s so much to love about Lagree, but it’s the ability for the body to be challenged in so many unique ways, using a holistic training method focusing on cardio, balance, endurance, stability and strength that can be tailored to everyone – from the experienced to the newbie.”
Jacinta also runs her own massage practice where she focuses on deep tissue, sports and remedial massage.
You can train with Jacinta at LaFit Studio on Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Saturdays.

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Meet trainer Jacinta Hanrahan
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