Meet trainer Jill Augustus

Meet trainer Jill Augustus

Jill Augustus

LaFit's newest recruit, Jill Augustus, just moved to Perth from San Francisco where she has been teaching Lagree Fitness for the past two and a half years.
With a laid back, NorCal-cool teaching style and experience at one of San Fran's top Lagree studios, Jill delivers an ab-shredding workout you won't get anywhere else in Perth.
In addition to her Lagree Fitness certification, Jill is also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor of five years who loves the great outdoors. She grew up in a ski town in Idaho and has always had an active lifestyle – in fact, her job interview with Jaye and Claire was done over Skype when she was hiking in Montana!  
Jill Hearts Lagree Fitness

I love the Megaformer because it is a full body work out, low impact, but high intensity. It works muscles you don’t even know exist! You never plateau because there are always way to make it more challenging. It’s a "hurts so good” kind of feeling with incredible benefits. The megaformer is perfect for creating long lean beautiful muscles. 

If you're ready to take your Lagree Fitness training next level, you can join Jill at LaFit Studio on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday lunchtime.

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Meet trainer Jill Augustus
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