Megaformer Challenge – Are You Meeting Your Expectations?

Megaformer Challenge – Are You Meeting Your Expectations?

Lagree Fitness instructor Jacinta Hanrahan loves Megaformer Challenge. As a senior staff member, she's been through every Megaformer Challenge in Perth, so she knows what it takes to give it 100% and achieve the best results.

As we embark on week 3 of the challenge, Jacinta helps you reflect on your progress so far and guides your thinking so you finish on a positive note.

We’re now at Week 3 of Megaformer Challenge. This is an opportunity to reflect on your progress, make changes if you’ve gone off track, and celebrate your achievements so far.

Time to Celebrate

There are many reasons why you should celebrate what you’ve achieved so far, and not all of them relate to things you can ‘see’. We hope you feel better, have more energy, feel well rested and are more alert and productive. Perhaps, you also feel a sense of community and have built connections with fellow challengers and LA Fit instructors at the studio? This support is key to your success going forward.

Looking and Feeling Great 

Some of you signed up to the challenge with particular physical goals in mind – a change to the number on the scale, your clothes fitting better, or feeling stronger on the machine. Remember that some of the physical changes you’ve been working towards may not accurately reflect your progress. For example, as you become stronger you’ll be gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so the numbers on the scales may increase – do not be alarmed!

Turning Up and Showing Up

You can also celebrate the fact that you’ve been turning up! Two classes a week, plus your other commitments (other training, family, work), can be hard to coordinate. So if you’ve prioritised yourself during this challenge and turned up – well done! We know, however, that turning up isn’t enough – you have to show up. This means giving your very best in class, taking responsibility for your body during and after class, and making changes in other aspects of your life (nutrition, stress, rest and recovery).

Sore and Tired 

Are you feeling sore and tired? Don’t worry, this is normal. You are working your body, either in a different way than you have before, or more intensively. Classes have ramped up and the expectations of you have increased. If you take the time to prioritise rest and recovery, you can help yourself go into Week 3 and beyond. Get plenty of sleep, make sure you have rest days, eat well, and make the most of Roll and Release classes.

Feeling Challenged

With any challenge, you begin with a plan of how you’re going to carry out the challenge, an expectation of how you’ll feel during the challenge, and the results you expect to see and feel. But all the best plans require evaluation and review. Are there things in your plan that haven’t gone as expected? Have you been unwell, had more social events, lacked motivation and started to drift away? Once you’ve had the opportunity to review, don’t get caught up in the negative. See this as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Look for things you could do to bring about positive change. This is where your support team (that’s us) come in. We’re here to get you back on track, and give you the best chance of success over the next three weeks.

Remember, this challenge is just the start. It doesn’t end on the 31st of May. This is about setting up positive behaviours and actions that will carry you forward. Good luck!

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Megaformer Challenge - Are You Meeting Your Expectations?
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