Megaformer Challenge… Growth

Megaformer Challenge… Growth

Megaformer Challenge

Our Lagree trainer and Megaformer Challenge mentor Kelly Dalby on Growth

Congrats… you are almost half way there!  

Week 2 was all about the Art of Awareness. So… 

What did you learn about yourself when you gifted yourself those moments of presence?
Were you the type of person who says 'hell yeah' to a challenge?
Or the type of person who justifies doing the same thing you have always done?

You won't find change all snuggled up with you in the cosy town of familiarity… but you will find change in the harsh, yet honest realm of #discomfort. 

I'm sure you can all recall a sh*tty situation you have been in, maybe even something you thought you would never survive… yet, here you are. Most the time, we don't regret going through those sh*tty times because we learnt something from it. We even grew as a result! Sometimes we don't have a choice when it comes to these things occurring in the first place, but we still ALWAYS have a choice of some kind. We can CHOOSE how we react, whether we accept it and stay put, or even walk away. 

In order to change, there must be a stimulus for growth, a need for us to adapt. It's all about survival after all! Even a lobster cannot grow a new shell until he has experienced discomfort.. that discomfort is the stimulus for growth – Google it! 

So in Megaformer Challenge Week 3 I ask you to do the exact opposite to what you WANT to do in moments of discomfort. I want you to welcome every sensation that comes along with it (there is so much to be felt when we are PRESENT!). Choose discomfort and unfamiliarity and give your body something to adapt to. When we offer you a challenge, notice your first thought and then… consciously make a choice.

I want to stay the same 
I am curious, let's see what's possible

Just because you are trying new food (in your meal plan) or progression on the Megaformner (more springs, slower speed, more instability) it doesn't mean you have to commit to that way of eating for the rest of your life or continue with that progression for the two whole minutes! It only takes a few nutritious meals or reps in that progression to give your mind and body a stimulus for growth. And how good does it feel to 1. be present and 2. be curious enough to give it a go. 

This is your journey. If you are relying on others to make it epic for you… you will be disappointed. Your joy. Your growth. Your happiness. All are your responsibility! Ask yourself… do I accept this responsibility? 

Your Lagree instructors can't wait to see you all in class during Week 3 with intention, awareness and an attitude that welcomes discomfort! 

Kelly Dalby, Picture of Health PT 


Megaformer Challenge... Growth
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