Megaformer Challenge Week 2 – Body Awareness

Megaformer Challenge Week 2 – Body Awareness

Each week during Megaformer Challenge our Mindfulness Coach Kylie Pearsall, better known as KP, will be sharing a juicy blog to keep you on track and motivated. Here's the low down for Week 2!

Last week we worked to stay present with each moment as it happened. Paying attention to the moment in our workouts helps us to stay on track and take small steps towards the changes we want to create by participating in this year’s Megaformer Challenge.

This week, let’s be more specific – paying attention to our bodies.

For some of us, we may be finding the long, slow training method used in Lagree Megaformer is creating muscle soreness in places we didn’t know we had muscles!

To play the long game – after all it is Week 2 – are you listening to the signals your body is giving you?

Often the sensation in a workout is something we can continue to move through. Maybe we need to consider a modification, an extra spring for support, or a change of body position so that we can keep going.

Sometimes a little extra attention to the position of our hands, our feet, or which muscles we are switching on can make big changes to the results of a workout. To notice these changes in activation requires “tuning in” to our bodies, to develop an understanding of what we should be feeling with each move. Your instructors will speak to this attention in class this week, to help you develop the body awareness that will move you closer to those changes you’re chasing as part of the challenge this year.

This kind of attention becomes an act of self-care. As we come to understand the body we’re in we can start to move with gratitude for the body we have right now and the things it can do to become stronger.

Learning to listen to our bodies, to respect the signals they give us, to question whether it is a sensation we can train through because it will make us stronger, or it’s something we need to modify to go around?

Did you know that every Saturday morning during the challenge you can offer your body a little extra love by attending my Roll and Release classes? You can book your spot at Subiaco at 8:30AM here. These sessions are designed to promote recovery of our bodies so we can continue to meet the physical demands of the challenge.

We’ve all gone into something over enthusiastically and flamed out, right? Let’s make sure we’re still standing at the end of the challenge by listening to our bodies and playing the long game all the way to week 5! 

See you on the Megaformer – or the roller! xo

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Megaformer Challenge Week 2 - Body Awareness
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