Megaformer Challenge Week 4 – You Can’t Ever Go Back

Megaformer Challenge Week 4 – You Can’t Ever Go Back

Each week during Megaformer Challenge our Mindfulness Coach Kylie Pearsall, better known as KP, will be sharing a juicy blog to keep you on track and motivated. Here's the low down for Week 4!

"One’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It’s Week 4.  You now know yourself as stronger, more organised (fitting in the classes)  and eating better (the nutrition plan). Now you're this EXPANDED version of yourself and who you used to be… what’s next? 

You won't fit back into your old life as this new version of yourself, so what do you want things to look like moving forward? 

Can you take a moment this week to consider two things?

1. How far you’ve come in four weeks towards those changes you were looking to create back in week 1 when we started? Have your goals changed? Is the WHY that had you tackle the challenge the same or has it shifted?

2. What could be possible for you now? You’re stronger than when you started, you’re honouring yourself and your body by eating better and training more often than you used to. What are you going to do when the challenge ends?

Sometimes when we take on a challenge it can seem insurmountable at the beginning. You’ve practiced presence and body awareness, you’ve continued to take small or big steps every time you came into the studio to keep moving forward towards those changes you committed. Pause and acknowledge the progress you’ve made, then ask yourself – what’s next? Will you continue to train at your current levels moving forward? Or do you think it's time for an upgrade to your membership so you can up your classes?

The physical challenges in the classes will go up this week – you’re stronger than you were so don’t be afraid to level up. Add that spring, that push up or that variation when it’s offered. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

Have you checked out Jacinta’s advanced class yet? It’s on Friday mornings at 9:30am – you can book here.

The meditation for week 4 will be a guided visualisation.

What will it look and feel like when you complete the challenge?

Megaformer Challenge Week 4 - You Can't Ever Go Back
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