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New Activewear Drop… Earth + Society – The Goddess Collection

Perth-based activewear label Earth + Society’s latest drop ‘The Goddess Collection’ will soon hit LA Fit.

Launched in 2018 by Perth born Vanessa Lothian, Earth + Society is not only a fun and sassy activewear label that looks great on but it’s a brand with a conscious. Vanessa’s mission was to create an activewear label for everyday women just like her who love quality fashion but also care about the environment.

Carefully constructed using bamboo cotton, 100% regenerated nylon and recycled fishing nets, you know you’re not hurting the environment by wearing Earth + Society’s wares.

Their new range ‘The Goddess Collection’ has just launched. The focus of this collection is about utilising some of the fish nets discarded in the ocean (640,000 tons of fishing gear found in the ocean annually). And as you can see, the ‘The Goddess Collection’ is foot-loose and fancy-free! Our staff loved strutting their stuff for his fun LA Fit shoot.

“This range is all about empowering women to be their best  – to find the goddess within really! And since we’ve used recycled nylon to create high impact sports bras, it really is for any girl who wants to push herself,” said Vanessa of the new range. “I just love that there’s now an option that allows women to look good and also be doing the right thing by the planet.”

You can find out more about Earth + Society by reading our chat with designer Vanessa Eramanis.

Antheia 7/8 Leggings | $99.95

Metis 7/8 Leggings | $89.95

(Left) Athena Sports Bra | $60.00

(Middle) Iris Sports Bra | $60.00

(Right) Aphrodite Sports Bra | $60.00

Antheia 7/8 Leggings | $99.95

Aphrodite Sports Bra | $60.00

Electra Midi Sports Bra | $60.00

Firefly V2 3/4 Leggings | $89.95

You can buy Earth & Society at our boutique activewear spaces in Highgate and Subiaco. Goddess Collection is on it’s way!

New Activewear Drop... Earth + Society - The Goddess Collection
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