Claire Chidgzey and Jaye Cuypers

New timetable from August 1st


From August 1st we’re introducing more Ride and Megaformer classes to the schedule.

We know you love Ride for that cardio kick, community feels and inspiring tunes, and hit the Megaformer for those long, lean toned muscles. To give you the full experience of each workout, combo classes will be replaced by more Ride and Megaformer.

Here at LA Fit, we are committed to giving you the most effective fitness experience possible and we want our timetable to reflect this philosophy.

You will make time. You will have fun. You will feel real change.

During this transition we have updated MindBody and you will receive a notice if your booking has been affected. You can rebook or check out the new schedule below!

New timetable from August 1st
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