Olympian and Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian on Lagree Fitness

Meet LA Fit member and former Olympian, Olivia Vivian. You may have seen her in the Megaformer Room or perhaps on Ninja Warrior!
Olivia Vivian began at the age of 8 and after years of training and dedication established herself as a professional gymnast in 2005. Going on to represent Australia in Uneven Bars at the 2008 Olympics.
For many seasons, Olivia was the only female Ninja Warrior to make it to the Grand Final. She competed internationally on American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World in 2019, setting another record as the only woman to make it to the Grand Final two years in a row! In the second season, she competed for Team Australia again. This time, winning gold!
We love having Olivia at the studio and we chat to her about what Lagree Fitness brings to her fitness regime.
Can you believe you’ve been at LA Fit since May 2016?!

Wow that’s over 7 years now! Which is a true testament to how engaging, interesting, always different, and most importantly, challenging each class is. I’ve definitely felt myself get stronger over the years through Lagree and LA Fit. And I’ve never been disinterested!

What do you love about the Lagree Fitness method?
It’s always keeping me on my toes, keeping me fired up.
What I really love is what it’s done for my body alignment and toning, because the Ninja obstacles that I do are quite intense!
I get bored with workouts, and to be here for over almost eight years is just – it’s the first workout I’ve found that I’ve never ever wanted to give up or move on from.

As an athlete, have you seen Megaformer assisting your recovery?
I’m 34 years old now, I’m not that 16-year-old girl who can recover overnight and do all these crazy tricks! So what it’s helped with is that it’s kept my body in line, kept it healthy, physically fit and capable of doing all these crazy obstacles.

What do you love about LA Fit?
I’ve tried a few Lagree studios across the world, and across Australia, and there is nothing like LA Fit!
A huge shout out and praise to the instructors at LA Fit! They’re so friendly, so lovely, they push you, but at the same time understand what you need. They ensure you have the correct technique, and keep it really interesting and engaging.
I’m a massive fan of LA Fit, I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for what it’s done for my Ninja career but also just my everyday life, and when I do travel, and when I am away and out of the country, I miss this place so much!
So it’s that one studio I always come back to Perth for.
Team LA Fit