Our Story

Hi! We’re Jaye and Claire, Co-Founders of LaFit, the exclusive Western Australian licensee for Lagree Fitness. We are businesswomen, parents and sisters-in-law! 

We have both always been active, athletic and healthy but have better things to do than spend hours in the gym. We discovered Lagree Fitness whilst living in Brisbane and were instantly hooked on the results. On our return home we were compelled to bring the method to Perth because of its universal appeal to busy people like us. 

Following the successful launch of Lagree Fitness in 2015 we decided to embark on new fitness concept of our own... and Ride was born. The natural relationship between Lagree and indoor cycling had always been obvious: both methods offer similarly high intensity and low impact workouts, yet cycling offered the adrenalin-pumping cardiovascular workout our cardio junkie clients were hanging out for.

LA Fit is about all about personal transformation and LA is our inspiration. It’s a town where people are constantly challenging themselves, they are rewriting their stories. Pushing themselves to be their best. Our classes will take you on a journey, both physically and mentally, and by the end of 45 minutes we guarantee something in you has changed. For the better.

This is our story. Please share yours with us.

Our Story


"I grew up in the South West of WA where I was into every sport under the sun. The same could be said for my career, with roles from marketing, sales and customer service to business analysis and financial control in the fashion, audio promotions, energy and construction industries! Finding Lagree Fitness was truly game-changing for me. I shredded for my wedding, got back into the shape of my life after my baby and am building a business I love. I am a Certified Lagree Fitness Instructor and uncertified Lagree Addict…Come get on it with us."


"I was born and bred in Perth, spending the last 10 years in the eastern states of Australia. My career and life has been varied – catering, human resources, accounting, workplace trainer, research and development tax consultant, friend, wife and mum! I have been watching, playing and participating in sport all my life. My life as Lagree Instructor started when we opened LA Fit and I love it, I hope you do too! I love honest feedback so please take the time to let us know how we are going."