Have you ever wondered why a fitness or nutrition program that worked for someone you know didn’t work for you, or vice versa? 
Ever noticed you feel stronger or more energised working out in the morning or the afternoon?
The answer lies in your genes. 

What is personalised health?  

The way your unique genes are expressed are influenced by environment and lifestyle factors, which affects the way you look and feel. We use ph360, 

a personal health assessment tool that analyses body measurements, health history, environment, and ancestry to provide recommendations for food, fitness, and lifestyle that are completely personalised for your individual wellbeing.  

The science 

ph360 is the world’s first personalised health platform based on epigenetics. It uses 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to analyse your genetic expression so that it can tell you exactly how to use factors in your everyday life to get and stay healthy. The algorithm has been in the making for the past 20 years and uses a base of 15 different sciences to calculate your personal health code from a set of measurements and health assessment taken at your first appointment.


ph360 provides insights through an app called ShaeFit – your personalised health assistant. With customised workouts, foods and recipes, and helpful tips about changes you can make at home, work and in your lifestyle, ShaeFit is like a user manual for your unique body! 

The results 

Around the world, people following ph360 are hitting their fitness goals, eliminating digestive issues, reducing stress and even reversing diabetes symptoms and chronic pain.  

At LA Fit, we want you to be successful in your health and fitness journey. We want you to stick around and become a part of our community. We want you to feel your best. 

To optimise your health and fitness, buy your Introductory ph360 Coaching Package and book in your initial session using the appointment booker or fill in this form for more information and we’ll be in touch! Online appointment bookings must be made from the next day onward to ensure coach availability.

Introductory ph360 Coaching Package: New ph360 clients only

Introductory one on one package (save $90)

Initial appointment including measurement and health assessment (allow 90mins) · Follow up session and coaching (allow 60mins) · Check in and remeasure (allow 30mins) · 12 weeks’ access to the ShaeFit app* (valued at $90) · Accountability check-ins

ph360 Coaching Packages: Existing ph360 clients

Class Packs

Coaching session (60mins)
Remeasure and check-in (60mins)
Coaching session 5 pack
Weekly ShaeFit app access (ongoing)*

*ShaeFit app tokens will be issued within 24 hours of purchase. ShaeFit memberships are ongoing with hassle-free autopays of $90 every 12 weeks. Simple cancellation with 7 days’ written notice before end of active cycle. Important Terms and Conditions apply.