R U OK Day

R U OK Day

Let's support R U OK Day! We're donating $1 for every class participant and hosting a free community wellness session this Thursday 12 September.

You know this bright and bubbly face right? It's Darielle Asch our Client Liaison gun!

Darielle is holding a FREE Community Wellness Session at LA Fit Subiaco at 7pm. Join us as we create a safe, non-judgmental space to express ourselves and discuss ideas about how we can better care for ourselves and others.

Plus, sweat with us on Thursday and we'll donate $1 for every class participant! Get those endorphins going and support this awesome cause!


3 Ways to Check in With Yourself this R U OK Day

The idea behind RU OK Day is to check in with those around us, as it is becoming increasingly more common for people to be uncomfortable sharing their emotions and difficult experiences with others through fear of feeling weak, or like a burden to those around them. It is so important for us to understand that expressing ourselves and speaking up when we need support is so necessary and MORE THAN OK.

In support of R U OK Day, we have decided to share three ways to check in with Yourself! Without the ability to acknowledge that we need to take care for ourselves we are unable to seek that support from others…..

Switch Off

It is so important for us to disconnect from the millions of things going on in our lives. We can do this by simply going for a walk outdoors without connecting to others (even without your phone or with it tuned off) and just taking in nature an the beautiful things around you. Disconnecting helps us to not only calm our minds, but allows us to clear our heads and self-reflect and in essence check in with ourselves.

Make Time for Your No. 1 Priority

If you don’t know what that priority is…. A little reminder… it is YOU! We so often have excuses as to why we can’t take breaks, or take time out for ourselves; “We’re too busy”, “There’s not enough time in my day.” ….. These excuses are blockages and are not the only reason you cannot make time… You are the one who controls how you spend your time ( most of the time ). When we decide that taking time out for ourselves to make a cup of tea, or do something that makes us happy is a priority, that’s when we are making time for it. BUT HOW? Schedule in Self-Care time during your week, but literally, block off time to spend on making yourself happy. Wake up 10-15 mins earlier and make yourself a cup of team head outside and just relax!

Say No

Hands up if you’re a people pleaser or you suffer from major FOMO… if this is you, learning how to say no to things and being okay with it is such an important skill to master! It’s almost a type of Self-Preservation…it’s all about knowing your limits and knowing when you need to take time out from being surrounded by people in environments that require your time, effort and your energy.

-Darielle Asch,
BPsych, Life Coach, Behaviour Consultant and Founder of The Wanderlust Age.

Want to get some more ideas on how to take care of yourself and those around you? Join us on Thursday evening.

Get sweaty with and support a wonderful cause!


R U OK Day
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