What is Ride?

Welcome to Ride, Perth's first rhythm ride-style indoor cycling class. #betherhythm

Ride. It's unique, it's intense, it's a culture. Lights low, we Ride to the beat of inspired music. We leave connected, changed. If you're ready for a cardio party, try our Intro Offer and get 4 Weeks of Rides for $149!


The Method

Created by LA Fit in collaboration with top US master trainers, Ride is a dance party on your bike.

Representing interval training at its best, this high intensity, low impact cardiovascular workout will burn up to 700 calories in a 45 minute session.

The rhythm ride style has achieved cult-like status in the US because it uses music to motivate rather than sets of repetitive technical drills. Unlike most RPM and spin cycle classes in Perth, each Ride session is different, delivering a new and exhilarating, heart pumping journey of music, sweat and fun. 


The Inspiration

Rhythm Ride is a brand-new cycling class unlike anything you have experienced before. Rhythm Ride is a workout disguised as a dance party! This 45 minute class is the first of its kind in Perth, intending to capture the hearts, bodies and minds of Perth spin junkies! Unlike regular RPM and spin cycle classes, Ride classes are each different, keeping the body and mind guessing!

Feel inspired and motivated to reach your peak performance through this revolutionary work out! Embark on a journey of music, sweat and fun that will solidify your mental endurance and sets calories alight! Come on Perth, it’s time for a wild rhythm ride!


The Class

Every class is different, intense and addictive, the inspiring playlists designed to push you to dig deeper, ride harder and put your cardio fitness to the test. 

The tunes are pumping, your pedaling is smooth, powerful. Your instructor leads the way, suggesting target levels of resistance to strive for (but YOU are in control). Athletic drills are so cleverly synchronized to the beat, you lose yourself in the music and almost forget this is a workout.

Find out more on how we put the fun back between your legs here.

The Benefits

You will feel empowered, alive, inspired, challenged and in-sync with your mind, body and soul. We ride as a pack and draw strength from that unity.  Conquering even the biggest hills in life is possible when you have your pack with you.

Ride is 45 minutes out of your day to energise your mind and change your body. 

You will:

  • Shed fat and improve your body composition
  • Tone and shape your legs
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness without high impact on your joints
  • Build your muscular and mental endurance
  • Challenge and transform yourself, inside and out 

With a timetable to suit everyone, even those with the busiest lifestyle, you’ll always be able to fit Ride into your day. Have we got you thinking, “where can I find indoor cycling classes near me?”. Simply click here, and try one of our classes at LA Fit today.