Ride Challenge… 1123 Rides and a few roses later!

Ride Challenge… 1123 Rides and a few roses later!

Ride Challenge 2018

Rhythm Ride is so much more than peddling on a bike. It's the chance to ride as a pack, to be taken on a journey by your instructor, to be challenged to believe in yourself and to leave that dark room all hot and sweaty, reborn and transformed!

We created Ride Challenge to give you a kickstart for summer, a reason to keep coming back into the Ride room, to feel AMAZING and give yourself the permission to commit time to yourself. 

Before we talk numbers, let's start with gratitude and all the feels: 

  • thank you to all our entrants for giving this challenge your all!
  • our incredible Ride instructors for your dedication, motivation, inspiring playlists and mentoring each and every Rider through each and every class
  • Kelley Sloan for providing our Riders the yummiest nutrition plan around town
  • KP for your weekly intention setting and reflection blogs, the Success Sessions and mad DJ skills
  • Stephen, Kelly and KP for the Release classes
  • Kelly and Jacinta for bringing their Team Ride game  (we heard the Marilyn Manson track was a killer)
  • Our sponsors — Bodhi J, Dinner Twist and The Standard
  • Team LA Fit for being supportive and all round awesome

We could not have done it without each and every one of you!

Now on to those numbers! The goal for Ride Challenge was to take 20 classes in 5 weeks. 60+ entrants nailed a total of 1123 Ride classes and scored 803 award points. Hot damn.

Classes are on fire and the studios are pumping and we are so proud of your results. We saw how hard you all worked! Whether you completed 10, 20 or killed it with 30+… you rocked it! You set your goals, showed up, rode to the beat and let your instructor take you to new heights. Most importantly you dedicated 45 minutes of your day to YOU! That's a massive achievement and you should be giving yourselves a high five. We hope Ride Challenge has left you feeling fitter, faster and ready to tackle the busy season ahead. 

On Sunday we topped it off with a little Wrap Party at Henry Summer celebrating with much deserved nibbles and drinks. Check out the pics here. A massive congratulations to our winners who were announced on the day. We can't wait to share their journeys… stay tuned for more.

The Winners

Pack Leader
Edwina Cheong
Points: 126
Classes: 56 classes
Prize: a magical getaway to Camaya Bali

'We all knew that if Edwina entered the Ride Challenge this year she would be hard to beat. The change in focus this year meant that you wouldn’t just be able to ride a lot to win – you had to ride well, with energy and hard work. Every time that Edwina turned up to class she killed it, from her amazing smile from the back row (it takes a lot of hard work for the instructor to notice you in the back row), her body control, her perfect rhythm, the way she is always on the ‘right’ leg (and is used by me, as well as others I’m sure to get back on the right leg), her teamwork (this wasn’t just about her, she supported her teammates Meg and Ben), her attacking sprints and heavy pushes. I always know that when Edwina is in class it will be a good one. Big congrats on the win, you deserve it!' Ride instructor, Jacinta Hanrahan

Pack Leader Runner-Up
Erin Kenworthy
Points: 114
Classes: 55 classes
Prize: LA Fit Studio membership and a Bodhi J retreat


'When I arrived back for my first class after four months there was a bright bubbly rockstar front row. Quickly I cam to know her name was Erin and she did not come to play. She was here to tap back and transform sometimes twice a day. Erin's rhythm and enthusiasm was contagious and often her willingness to lead the class made sure everyone else followed suit.  She truly embodies what Ride is about at LA Fit, music, fitness and rhythm but not taking herself too seriously. If you get a chance to ride next to her, take it she will rock your world.' Ride instructor, Zac Gower

– Sadly Erin couldn't make it to the wrap party but we'll be sure to rope her in for a photo real soon! 

Best Energy 
Anette Johansson
Points:  52
Classes: 26 classes
Prize: Dinner Twist voucher 

'Anette has been a mainstay at LA Fit since I can remember however something changed this year and at the studio we were privileged enough to see more of her true self. She is a firecracker! From the back row she drives the class with effort and energy. My favourite part of any time teaching was when you played a song which was her Jam because suddenly you knew Anette was in the house, cheering, singing all whilst working harder than any other rider. Thank you for being such an integral part of our community and never change. You are the rhythm.' Ride instructor, Zac Gower

Team Prize
Ride Or Die – Lauren, Rogers, Vinita Vinciullo and Sophie Black 
Classes as a team: 18 
Prize: girls night out at The Standard

Sometimes organising a coffee date with two friends can be a logistical nightmare… so we were absolutely blown away that team #snacksbefore6packs aligned schedules for 18 classes during Ride Challenge. Mad organisational skills girls! This trio will be heading to The Standard for a well deserved feast.

'Lauren, Vinnie and Sophie… what a powerful trio! They brought such a great vibe to every class. Not only are they rockstars, nailing the choreography and riding on the beat, but are always super welcoming to everyone. Love the community vibe the girls bring, always rocking up with such positive energy. Always thrilled to have these babes in class.' Morgan Gail


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Ride Challenge... 1123 Rides and a few roses later!
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