Ride Challenge… all you need to know

Ride Challenge… all you need to know

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge

Tune in to tune out and get lost in the rhythm.

Our Ride instructor, Kylie Pearsall – better known as KP, shares why Ride Challenge is more than just a fitness challenge.

Hi there… I'm KP! You might have seen you in the Ride room. I do a few things haha.  

I’m a physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor rehab and movement re-education. I used to have my own sports medicine clinic in Melbourne but I moved on from that world to allow me more freedom. I still consult here in Perth most mornings.

I’m also a yoga, meditation teacher and performance coach. I teach both power vinyasa and yin yoga, along with meditation and mindfulness. I coach teachers to bring their most authentic selves into the world and their teaching.

I DJ – working both for myself and a fabulous agency. There’s something so incredible about the power of music and how it taps into the deepest parts of ourselves.

Which brings me to my newest passion…

RIDE. A perfect combination of music and movement. On the bike is where I feel strong and powerful, uplifted and energised – I feel like there can be too many places where we don’t feel that way.

When we Ride together, to the rhythm of uplifting music, we get fitter, stronger and faster than going it alone. Let’s be real, would you ride like that on your own? We harness the power of community and fun to create a tribe. Our Ride tribe.

Why are you doing Ride Challenge?

For me, being on the bike feels like coming home to my body. I rode to school as a kid and I’ll never forget the first time I made it up the hill on my way home, standing on the pedals the whole way up! I felt invincible! The idea of challenging myself by committing to four rides per week – to have that feeling four times per week is a no brainer!

The fitness, the fun, the music (there’s a pretty good DJ on the opening and closing weekends – she’s cute too! ;))

Ride is a place where you can get out of your head and into your body, to get lost in the rhythm and just move. This creates a flow state, I’m going to talk nerdy for just a second here… Flow is the mental state of operation, where performing the activity is full immersion in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Present moment awareness, or as Fatboy Slim would say right here, right now.

Mindfulness… on a bike!

But that feeling of being completely immersed in the present moment, that could be the meaning of life right there. Ride gives us the gift of immersion in the present moment, the moment that’s here now. This is the very nature of mindfulness… on a bike!

When you train mindfulness, this immersion in the activity at hand, you can’t help but be more aware of the places that you are NOT present, that you are not immersed. As you know if you’ve ever taken a break from training, you lose what you don’t work at – and you can always get it back. Mindfulness is like that too. It’s a process of noticing you’re not present, becoming present and then slipping back, noticing, becoming and so on… and like training anything, it gets easier the more consistently you do it!

What will Ride Challenge give you? 

Ride Challenge gives you the opportunity to create a new consistency, to commit to expanding what you currently believe yourself to be capable of right now. Who would you like to know yourself to be?

The riders I’ve seen since I stepped onto the ride stage a couple of months ago, don’t back down from a challenge, we’re all here to grow.

So what kind of challenge are you up for?

Will you be the hardest rider in every class?

Will you be bringing the best energy to every class – singing and grooving along?

Will you create a new schedule for yourself to allow all your challenge classes to fit into your life?

Get down to our Success Sessions on Launch Weekend!

As part of the challenge I’ll be hosting some Success Sessions to help you define what YOUR success measures will be for the challenge and how you can achieve them.
Sat 29 Sept 9.30am
Sun 30 Sept 10.30am 


The whole team at LA Fit are here to support you in getting your challenge on, so if you have any questions, hit us up in the studio, on the phone or over email!

See you on the bike!

KP xo


Live your best life this October!

Get your a$$ to class, form new habits and experience real change with Ride Challenge!


Ride Challenge... all you need to know
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