Ride Challenge… the nutrition

Ride Challenge… the nutrition

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge

Want to feel more energised? Give your body some lovin'.

We want you to bring your best to the Ride room so you feel your very best after each class!

The right foods will keep you feeling energised all day, meaning you can give it your all in every class. Your body needs the right fuel for optimum endurance and results so we've worked with our resident nutritionist Kelley Sloan to create an exclusive Nutrition Plan for Ride Challenge. The recipes are simple, quick and yummy because we want to make it easy for you. And don’t worry we get that you might not be able to follow it every day… just do what you can!

Kel gives the lowdown on the Nutrition Plan and what to expect…


I’m Kelley and you may have seen me as one of your Lagree Fitness instructors but I am also a certified Nutrition Coach and I am behind the nutrition plan for your Ride Challenge 2018.

My aim for you guys during this month is to have you:
feeling your absolute best AND achieving the results you want
while taking on the physical challenge of up to 20 Rides or combo classes this October!

Movement is so important for your cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy weight but fuelling it with the right foods builds lean muscle, increases energy levels and aids in muscle recovery to help you to power through your classes.

What is the point of the nutrition plan?

The nutrition plan is to help you stay on track with healthy eating while you put your body through it’s paces so that your energy levels stay high, you get the most out of your classes and you can see results at the end of the challenge that you want and that exercise alone can’t bring you.

It is a huge misconception that if you do lots and lots of cardio you can eat what you like and it balances out – you can’t. In the opposite extreme you also don’t want to reduce your calories or cut out carbohydrates while you do high intensity cardio. You’ll end up with zero energy during class, a general feeling of fatigue throughout the day and your body won’t respond to the workout as it should so you won’t achieve as good of a result for all your hard work. 

Food = ENERGY! and you definitely need both to get the best out of your body in this challenge.

There is an optimum way to eat while you do high intensity cardio to keep you full without overeating and overdoing the calories and that’s where your plan comes in.

The plan will not only help you with leaning out during the challenge but with other goals such as improving your mood, gaining better sleep quality, getting into a good healthy eating routine, learning some new recipes and generally feeling happier in your skin. These things are just as important as a number on your scan. So find your reason behind what you want to achieve in this challenge and take it all on to see the best results.


What if I don't have time or I can't cook?

The meals are really easy to prepare, cook and follow. I’m a big believer in being sustainable in the kitchen and reducing waste so what you cook for dinner will be your lunch the next day so it’s only one meal prep for 2 meals – easy! You will rotate between two brekkies each morning and these are either no fuss or can be pre prepared so they’re quick and easy to grab in the morning.

What if I don’t eat certain foods or have dietary restrictions or requirements?

I have options if you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian and so on and if you don’t like a particular ingredient in a dish you can always email me for an alternative. Please just make sure you check through your menus when you first get them and let me know asap so I have time to respond to you and you have plenty of time to get a replacement ingredient.

Is it the same as the Megaformer Challenge?

Nope. A different workout style requires a different type of program. It’s set out in the same way but it will have a cardio based focus for endurance.

Will I be stuck on a diet of canned tuna steamed broccoli and brown rice with no flavour?

Absolutely not! Healthy food can also be delicious and is to be enjoyed and that is what I aim to deliver.


If you do need to ask me any questions I am always here for you and please feel free to contact me via email.

Kelley Sloan, One Wellness 


Get your a$$ to class, form new habits and experience real change with Ride Challenge!


Ride Challenge... the nutrition
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