Ride Challenge… Week 2 with KP

Ride Challenge… Week 2 with KP

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge

This week it's about change

Our Ride instructor, KP shares the goods to get you through Week 2.

Change is the only constant – Heraclitus


We change, every day, every minute. Right now you are older than when you started reading this sentence đŸ˜‰

Why do you want to change?

What are you willing to do to implement change?

Are you committed to changing?

As part of taking on the ride challenge you may have had to change some things already – your training schedule, your eating habits, maybe you have had to change your weekly diary around to fit in the classes for your Rides.

We have changed the schedule to fit more Ride classes in to allow for more flexibility in when you ride.

What does change look like for you? And WHY do you want to change?

This week, maybe taking on the Ride Challenge is enough of a change.  But for the more experienced riders, what will you change? Is it staying out fo the saddle longer in the standing sprints, or choosing to climb in a silent track rather than sprint.

Change one thing.

Each Ride.

See what happens. Sometimes we avoid change – we fear uncertainty.

We like knowing what’s going to happen, what’s coming…

What’s the change you seek from the ride challenge?

What’s your success metric… does change look like more energy, being fitter, being leaner, lighter, being able to do more in a day without fatigue? Have you visited your WHY again this week?

I want to leave you with this… you’ve always been perfect. Now you’re choosing to be fitter, stronger and faster. What will you change this week to make that happen?

KP xo


Don't forget we're holding FREE release classes for challengers during October.
Reduce tension and reduce post-class fatigue so you can perform at your best on the bike! 

Tuesday 7.30pm Highgate with KP or Kelly D
Saturday 12.30pm Subiaco with Stephen


Ride Challenge... Week 2 with KP
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