Ride Challenge… Week 5 with KP

Ride Challenge… Week 5 with KP

LA Fit Studio Ride Challenge


Our Ride instructor, KP gets you through Week 5

Riders! You have come THIS far. Let's clip in for the final week. 

What have you learnt?

How do you feel?

What will you do with your new learnings?

As someone who has completed such a challenge – how will you move forward into silly season?

Maybe you’re discovering that its easier than you thought it would be to prioritise your fitness – it’s actually becoming enjoyable (gasp). Maybe you’re realising that four classes per week isn’t sustainable in the context of your life – but 3 per week would be.

Ride Challenge is about uncovering and revealing a fitter, faster version of yourself. How does that version look moving beyond the end of this month?

Sometimes a challenge like this one is just the kickstart you need to get momentum rolling in the right direction. Just like the bikes we ride, the wheel won’t stop spinning unless you push the button.

Don’t push the button.

What would it look like to eat this way all the time?

To train this way all the time?

What could you achieve as a faster, fitter version of you? You’ve always been gorgeous, sassy and fun – so what do you still need in the final week of Challenge?

Here’s what I’ve learned….

When you take on something you aren’t sure you can do, you’re called upon to expand.

When you do something you didn’t know you could, you feel strong and powerful.

And I like feeling strong and powerful all the time. Not just in the Ride room.

So I’ll be on the bike at least 2-3 times per week moving forward… always forward đŸ˜‰ and sometimes standing đŸ˜‰

KP xo  


Don't forget we're holding FREE release classes for challengers during October.
Reduce tension and reduce post-class fatigue so you can perform at your best on the bike! 

Tuesday 7.30pm Highgate with KP or Kelly D
Saturday 12.30pm Subiaco with Stephen


Ride Challenge... Week 5 with KP
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